Faith can take us out of suffering and further, to a revealed world

Dec 20 2017 translation from the Derech of Rabbi Asher Freund (for complete list, please visit

Ironically, I was writing the below blog post when the time came to learn the above shiur.  The subject matter matches so I am posting both here…the more places we hear the same ideas, the more likely we are to grasp the concepts.  Here are two more shiurim from Rabbi Doniel Katz downloaded from Torahanytime on why bad things happen.  He brings out these same ideas.  He is a very good teacher.

And here is my blog post

Life!  Temporary.  Uncertain. Unique.


The experience of being alive is given to us.  The existence we experience is a creation that hides the real existence, Hashem’s love and mercy. 


The understanding we might have of a Being that is all loving and merciful comes with awe when we measure ourselves to that standard.  In some ways, it feels to us like our natural tendencies are towards the exact opposite of loving and merciful.  This is the design that Hashem has crafted in order that we can comprehend what complete love and mercy can be.  How could we ever have a measure of understanding infinite love and mercy if we did not first experience the depths of our own anger when our will is opposed?  Surely in that instant moment, the last emotion that we experience is love and mercy.  And yet, instead of getting lost in the dark believing that all there is in the world is what we experience through our perceptions and thinking, we can have faith and belief in Hashem that He has, in fact, given us real free will to choose prayerful beseeching that He release our life force from our natural negative reaction and instead re-unify our soul to the real existence and oneness of Hashem.  This is a step that, without Torah, we would never come to on our own.  And this understanding from Torah has no logic to it.  It is an act of faith that stems from intellect and intellect that generates faith.  Its root is not in the logical thought process but in an integrated understanding of the wisdom of Torah that fills us and reaches our very hearts, the seat of our emotions, so that making this choice becomes the object we desire over all other pleasures in life.


While alive, each of us is in constant contact with the compelling alternative to believing that Hashem is all love and mercy.  Throwing our negativity back to Hashem is the task at hand.  The more we can see the darkness, the more we can comprehend how much light is waiting to be revealed by our choice to prayerfully beseech Hashem to shine His Love through our challenges out of our complete faith and trust that He is One and our desire to cling to Him.


May the message of this role that mankind can play be the message that is heard as loudly as possible, making possible the release of man from what torments and saddens and hurts and ruins.  May Hashem’s love and light shine through by virtue of our prayerful beseeching, and may we soon see a revealed world.

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