Do we realize how patient and loving Hashem is by His Gift of Free Will

Do we realize the patience and kindness of Hashem and this world and the lifetime that He has extended to us?


How is it possible for us to think we can exist on our own independently when we see how a baby is born and how people pass away?  Yet that is exactly what Hashem designed by giving us a lifetime where He is hidden – He gives us consciousness and perceptions and an ego that feels independent for a good reason – and that good reason is to give us real free will to remember Him and have a relationship with Him.


Yet we forget.


We assert ourselves but we forget to put Hashem in the center.


Before this world of tikun, of repair, there were 974 generations in which every soul came into the world, felt independent from Hashem, and that thought made them punishable by death instantly. 


Not so now. 


In this world of tikun, we have that same thought but Hashem tolerates the insult of our sense of independence on our own so that we can bring the holiness animating the depth of that distortion through our heart and mind and return it to proper service of Hashem, devoting every moment to putting Hashem in the center over that natural instinct.  In this way, we rectify the generations before this world, unifying our animalistic and divine souls. With our independence comprehended as attached to Him for His Purposes, our independent free will makes it possible to utilize our existence to reveal Hashem in this world over our natural desires.


By Hashem having mercy on us for having a first impression of independent existence, we receive a lifetime in which we may reach for higher consciousness that builds eternal identity.


Here is a playlist with two on-topic discussions of this vital understanding.  Below is a 40 minute clip from Rabbi Yaakov Zalman Labinsky’s Growing through series findable at that explains with clarity from the perspective of the three weeks how suffering (being distant from Hashem), free will (nullifying the ego), and the revelation of light (rectifying the self to be a lens to reveal Hashem) are, indeed, our main mission.

Rabbi Akiva Tatz, in Jewish Workshops, gives a weekly class on Mesilla Yesharim and he also explains this in great detail.  With permission from Jewish Workshops, here is a 15 minute clip from Rabbi Tatz that is so important for every one of us to understand. (Learn more about joining these workshops and similar programs by emailing

The goal of sharing this important information is to encourage us to investigate our upset feelings when our will is frustrated….all the powerful internal winds that blow through us with passion are coming to be healed, not dramatized.  Healing comes through our crying out to Hashem.  When we understand that crying out to Hashem IS consciousness that it is all His Plan, that we have the will to serve Him and yank the spiritual energy knocking us from side to side from the depths of pain to the heights of Simcha, we properly can use free will, humbly and yet in revealing Hashem, reveal our own true greatness that we are to achieve as our mission.  Ironically, our ego will no longer desire that honor because the Simcha of being connected to Hashem satisfies far better than any fleeting egoistic or animalistic goal.  We are to seek to understand this more and more deeply every year.


The passion to yearn for Hashem provides the “electricity” that can transport the holiness from its hidden place in our challenge to revelation and connection and unity.  The passion breaks the bond of “me” into “self” and “light”. 


May we be zocheh to rise in our level of consciousness from love for Hashem and may we soon see a new light in the world.


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