Investigating some thoughts about how hugging our hearts can be intellectually understood

One of the blocks to emunah is our attachment to our goals in time and space as being the outcome of our taking responsibility and steps towards them.  While adult responsibility is obviously required in a world of time and space, there is a spiritual principle that must be held side to side with our efforts.  That spiritual principle is that success is up to Hashem alone.


There is a scientific principle too which I am attempting to piece in as well.  The principle is that matter cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be transformed from one form to another.  For example, water can be solid, liquid, or vapor. All can be identified by their atomic components, hydrogen and water.  The difference is the speed at which the electrons are moving. Ice is when the cold slows down the electrons. Liquid water is when the electrons are in a regular range of heat. And vapor/steam I when heat has been added to increase the speed of the electrons.


I investigated briefly if the molecule can also be returned to hydrogen and oxygen atoms. Here is what I found.


Discovery of an efficient artificial catalyst for the sunlight-driven splitting of water into oxygen and hydrogen is a major goal of renewable clean energy research. So far, Milstein’s team has demonstrated a mechanism for the formation of hydrogen and oxygen from water, without the need for sacrificial chemical agents, through individual steps, using light. For their next study, they plan to combine these stages to create an efficient catalytic system, bringing those in the field of alternative energy an important step closer to realizing this goal.


When the molecular bond is broken, the hydrogen becomes a source of clean energy.


I really don’t totally understand, but it seems to me a great help in understanding what happens when we take our soul away from bonding with the desires of our eyes and heart and return our soul’s desires to Hashem’s will.


Desires and cravings would be in the category of water/will – Water in its purest form is Torah.  We are instructed to make Hashem’s will our will.  We serve Hashem by following Him over our natural drives and desires.   Thus, the “water” in our soul seems to naturally attach to something that is NOT Torah or Hashem’s Will – and that would be the desires of our heart and eyes.


Are you following me, where I am going with this?


If I naturally bond with the inception of a desire that comes from a place to which my heart and eyes bond immediately and unconsciously or subconsciously, then when I arouse in my heart love for Hashem and create a true environment of connection to Hashem, is that enough to break the molecule and return my soul in a pure way to cling to Hashem?  Yes.  Now the key question – is this a way of seeing how positive influence can be created?


The reason this is so important to me is that much of the negative charges we carry when we judge others could actually hold the “cure” to our plight!  That is, if we are willing to do the work of releasing what is bonding our soul to the negative charge and return our soul to bond with Hashem, do we release the spiritual material that creates the “cure?”.


I am pondering this deeply.  I wonder if this is how brachas can be given when someone is insulted and does not respond.  I wonder if this is how the “spark of Moshiach” that is in each of us to contribute is released.


Just sharing my thoughts for the day.



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