Love Hashem – it works!! A shemini atzeres message

The love we have in our heart for Hashem is what speaks the language of our heart when we are cornered in our negative fears and reactions.


It wipes away our tears.


So much of our pain and distress stems from imagination that has left out the important ingredient that Hashem is all good, that He loves us, that He is all that really exists, and that we are only experiencing life in the manner that He designs in order to earn the full pleasure of having no confusion of mind after 120 years.


How long can we spend in a dark hole, rebuking ourselves, judging and condemning others, fearing retribution for being imperfect, ready to lash out at those who we imagine are posing a threat?


How long can we spend defending ourselves, imagining what we will say in our own defense, trying to protect ourselves from the damaging urges felt by those whose feelings WE hurt?


How long can we condemn others for not seeing our changes and letting go of their pain that we generated?


What if we could boil all of this down to a simple solution – love Hashem!


Every scene above involves water wind fire and earth, solid liquid gas and radioactive/fire.


Every skewed emotion is a part of our soul that retains “automatic” trust in the messages of the unconscious and subconscious, which is the domain of the yetzer hara.  When we have “me” in mind, that means the yetzer hara has access to our entire being, blowing its unconscious and subconscious “good” advice through from our mind to our heart.  When we intentionally arouse love for Hashem, we intentionally affect the constricted thinking and bring it back to truth.  We heal our hearts from the grips of being “kidnapped” by the yetzer hara that dictates to all of us the basic self-oriented beliefs about survival – arousing love for Hashem then blows through the heart and the false presentation of the circumstances along with the core false belief that our survival depends on us fall away, like husks off a fruit.  We can develop a heart of flesh.


May what I am writing here touch the hearts of the reader and inspire the reader to build themselves in emunah and bitachon, in trust and reliance on Hashem.  The science is simple.  Hashem fills solid, liquid, gas and fire.  We are that.  Hashem fills us.  We have free will to acknowledge the truth and redeem ourselves from the consequences of falling into our own constricted thinking.


And may we dance with Moshiach this Simchas Torah.

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