Hashem has given us life – let us use our lifetime to elicit and merit blessings from above

There is a living G-d Who is all compassion and good.

He fills all the world because the world appears as a result of His Utterances, in which He hides Himself by constricting His Infinite Light

He loves us

He utters up our body, our circumstances, and what comes into our mind.

He gives us free will to either serve Him or go astray, mistaking the natural inclinations of His Utterances for our true self, which is the breath that He places within the body that is in constant contact with Him and desires to bring compassion into the world over the natural confusing animalistic-logical mind based reasoning regarding how best to survive.

It is confusing for us.

The antidote to confusion is learning His Will as stated in the Torah, where we see over and over that He loves us, cares for us and is our only Protection.  Anyone who has ever been gravely ill or in terrible danger understands exactly how helpless people are without Hashem in the picture.

Yet Hashem permits the confusion to proliferate even if He is obscured more than in the manner that He hides Himself.  That is because our free will is real.

Tomer Devorah teaches us what being compassionate like Hashem looks like and how man can emulate His Creator. It is not just a good idea.  It is required of us to try, lest compassion disappear from the world.

When we see animalistic, senseless, painful tragedies, what gets triggered in us is our survival instincts.  We begin the analysis of what we have to do to protect ourselves in a world that has now become more dangerous, scary, and chaotic.  We have questions.  We try to solve the “cause” of the danger, to find a law we can make to protect ourselves from the tragedies happening again.


When the cause of the tragedy is a person though, we must expand that thinking to remember that the thought that went into that person is created by Hashem in it origin.  There is no potency that is not from Hashem directly or through His Utterances.  It is not possible.

Let’s take a closer look.  A thought comes into someone’s mind.  Like wind, it blows through their being and their body begins to put the thought into action.

It makes sense, therefore, that each of us, given that we have free will, need to investigate our thoughts to determine if it is coming from our true self that is compassionate and wishes to be compassionate like Hashem Himself or if it is coming from a constriction, a pain, an attachment to base instincts that is really given to us only for the purposes of giving us real free will.

How do we investigate?  WE CALL IT OUT IN PRAYER.  Dear Hashem I feel so vengeful, I feel like destroying ….which seems to me to have caused me loss and damage.  I feel hatred and resentment and I want to…… As we call it out, we are experiencing how Hashem puts us in direct contact with the elements of the world – radioactive jealous fire, desirous, greedy and lustful water, egoistic arrogant, angry, hurtful talking wind, and depressing lazy earthiness.  AMAZING!  We can bring compassion to the elements of the world or we can react and destroy and damage.  We have free will but we may not know what to do next.

That is when we ask Hashem to please help us be compassionate like Hashem.  Tell Hashem we do not want to react animalistically but that rather, we appreciate the life He gives us and the manner in which He empowers us to repair the world (by placing a divine spark in an animalistic body that experiences and reacts from the heart in a dark world) so His Compassion can be revealed.  We recognize the low stature of being in an animalistic body with a heavenly Divine soul that yearns for expression over the animalistic nature but is powerless unless the heart opens to the possibility of bringing forth Hashem’s compassion.

The joy of bringing forth Hashem’s compassion goes far beyond our lives in ways we cannot understand, and brings our temporary life to an eternal existence where joy is real because we chose  it HERE, while there is confusion due to real free will.

May we all call out our painful reactions to Hashem and tell Him that we are longing only for His Compassion and wish to be part of revealing Him in our speech and deeds, and may we see a new light in the world in a loving and gentile way.

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