Anyone in for 30 days to be more like Hashem?

On Monday September 18 2017, the Monday after Rosh Hashana, Rabbi Blau, a 46 year old man, drowned saving the life of his 16 year old daughter.


On Monday October 2, the Monday after Yom Kippur, a 29 year old man, Sonny Melton, died in the Las Vegas massacre saving his wife’s life.


Rabbi Mendel Kessin teaches from the Ramchal that there is a foolproof backup system to bring about Hashem’s will for a utopia, and that is the mechanism of suffering.  Suffering atones for our failure in trying to improve ourselves.


Notice that I said failure in trying to improve ourselves, not our failure to improve ourselves.  The reason is that it is up to us to make an effort.  Success is up to Hashem.

In what way can we make an effort to be more loving, compassionate, patient, tolerant, forgiving, overlooking, and giving, as we are intended to be?

Please everyone who likes the idea, please write here a small step in one of the areas above to stretch towards for the next 30 days:

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