One thing I understand better this year than last

In less than 24 hours, 5777 will officially be over.

I am happy that I can see one thing I understand better.

When things happen to us, our perceptions lead us immediately to the logical, analytical thinking that includes unconscious and subconscious scanning of how the event may affect our survival, for the better or for the worse.  What I have really come to understand is that the very basis of the entire line of thinking is based on survival being in my hands or dependent upon what I do or what others do that affects me.  And that basis simply is false and thus the despair that follows is because of a lack of understanding that survival depends on Hashem Alone.

Love, caring and protection CAN come only from Him.  He is existence.  He is the only Being that is alive.  When we are triggered, our perceptions of life (because He gives us the experience of what it means to live by putting a soul in our body) speak to the very part of us that is unable to retain the truth that He is existence.

Knowing this “disability” opens up for us the uniqueness of what a human being can actually do – which is to love Hashem and remind our despairing part of His Existence.  When we do so and ask Hashem to help us reconnect to Existence because we love Him and desire to reveal Him in our garments of speech and deed, we take what is hidden in His Utterances and bring it through our mind and heart and garb it so His Light can be revealed in this world.

It is not others that hurt us, even if we lose our lives.  It is our thinking about what others do that gives us the opportunity to create real Chaim, life in two worlds, by infusing love of Hashem and consciousness of Hashem Echad into the elements earth, wind water and fire as they express themselves through our physicality.

Survival – love, caring and protection – are not in our hands.  These are Hashem’s domain alone.  Shifting our hearts and mind to grasp this deeply frees us from responding to the experiences that might otherwise emotionally devastate, crush or pushus into despair.

Interested in how to shift our survival instincts?  Listen to these translations from the derech of Rabbi Asher Freund  ‘

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May this coming year bring a revelation of His Light into the world and may we be privileged to be the vessels that serve Him in this manner.



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