Teshuva to get out of inner galus

The soul is a warm, loving extension of Hashem.

All constriction is a shell, a kelipa, based in the natural thinking of the animalistic lower soul (nefesh behema) which Hashem utters and bri gs into the world. No matter how educated this linear thinking is, it is part of constricted thinking if it does not have Torah or Hasbem’s Will as its root.

What melts the shell-the kelipa-Hashem’s speech He utters to form tbe object, circumstance or thougbt (the constricting presentation of Hashem’s utterance that brings it into existence and in which He is hidden) – is ahavas Hashem.

Loving Hashem immediately and simultaneously is a free willed choice that awakens and empowers the will of what the tzelem elokim, the true self, is always doing, which is seeking to implement Hashem’s will over the natural reactions. Loving Hashem simultaneously to crying out the painful constriction restores connection of the self to existence Himself.

Actively describing the pain and staying focused on loving Hashem and Hashem echad by saying shema declares kaballs malchus shemayim. The Ale Shur says that until we shake wbile saying Shema, we have room to grow in saying Shema. The shaking is the breaking of the falsely appearing self to reveal the real self, a self of love and ligbt

Loving Hashem while crying out the painful experience and saying Shema melts the covering of Hashem’s speech that is permitting the lack to pain us.

Loving Hashem while feeling the entire set of constricted feelings and saying Shema restores the koach to attach and connect and flow again into true existence.

Hashem Echad.

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