Integrating the power of will to understand and choose our identity

There are two concepts I am putting together. One is to see our lower will like a piece of fruit, where we encounter the skin first but underneath is nourishment we need. The second is that our higher will is as capable of signalling our mind and body as our lower will, if we have the concentration and meditation skills to hold steady as we encounter the “skin” of the fruit that would otherwise trigger the mind.  The goal is to unify the nourishment from our encounters with the world with Hashem’s Will, thereby becoming more and more like Hashem and more holy.

Rabbi Kessin’s meditation series on Youtube (in order on this blog at

explains in Part 4 that to meditate, one can do so on a sound, an object, or a visualization.  For what I am speaking about above, the visualization that I have been using is to see the will of the lower soul as unrectified will from the heart, and to see a channel from heart to mind and back to the heart, a vessel of sorts, where I can describe to Hashem what the lower soul is yearning for and instead tell Hashem what the higher soul is wanting and what I choose, to fill the vessel with a reflection of Hashem.  I ask Hashem to absorb the nourishment from what I am describing from the lower will because I see it as coming from corrupted will, a will based on ego and consciousness for the mortal self.

In order to be sincere with this, I have had to become certain that the love and the needs for survival are all being provided by Hashem.  Once clear with this, all the arguments of the lower will develop holes, for in the end, it is our corrupted belief that I or someone else can provide for my survival that is causing the feeling of lack to generate disappointment, anger or fear.  The strength therein can, instead, flow back to the Creator and become a strong attachment in my heart for Hashem.

Imagine a young bride looking to her husband for all her dreams.  That is who Hashem is for us.

Enjoy the meditation series.  Also, Rabbi Dror has a website and describes things in a very relatable way.



A great way to approach any kind of work with will is to address food issues.  If interested, please contact me through

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