It is never to late to find out who we really are…in fact, it is an Infinite path!

What if we are capacity to reveal the truth and nothing more?

Yes, that is right.  Our looks, money, clothes, homes, kids, education, accomplishments, cars, vacations, friends, honorable positions held and more give us a label and a name in this world alone.  In a two world picture, who are we and what did we come to this world to do?

Our Torah teaches us that we have come to this world in order to effortfully fix something.  The thing that we are here to fix, though, is not a tangible thing.  Whether we are fixing it or not is invisible to everyone alive. Only Hashem knows if we are doing the fixing.  The fixing is when we nullify the normal self-conscious reactions that everyone experiences, such as fear, anger, feeling insulted, temptation and more, by recognizing that effortfully tearing off the self-consciousness through prayer and trust in Hashem will bring unrectified spiritual potential to reunite with its Creator.  In that moment is when our true identity for all eternity becomes defined.  By our effort, we develop something in our heart that understands we are at every moment an organ, a limb, of Hashem reaching into this temporary world through the vessel of our body and experience to rectify spiritual energy trapped in self-consciousness.

Lets look for example at anger and frustration.  How many people do you know who turn to chocolate or ice cream when the kids are a handful?  It is immediate pleasure. Gratification.  But is it good for us?  Is it better for us to be frantic and constricted?  No.

It is better for us to recognize in that moment that we are frantic and constricted and to tell our story to the One orchestrating the opportunity for us to do a fixing. “Hashem, the kids are at it and the baby is crying and my husband is stuck in traffic and I haven’t been able to get to the gym to balance my day and I am so shut down I feel like turning to ice cream!  Please I know that if I eat that ice cream I will momentarily get pleasure but the scale will be terrible tomorrow and I will regret it immediately and beat myself up!  I know all of this anger and frustration is coming from Your judgment and is designed for me to transcend and become more like You, to fix something in this natural reaction that You can then use in a manner to bring blessing, but the feelings are so strong and constricting I need Your help!  Please Hashem I know everything You do is with complete love and that You have given to me a part that is attached to You at all times and that part loves and feels You at all times and I am asking for You to please help me so that the will to resist the downward constricting feelings grow.  I am attached to You and need more free will from Your strength to flow so that I can be more like You and in the process remove the false coping mechanisms covering over the truth of Your Oneness and fix the spiritual energy, returning it to You, so that it can flow freely into the world as blessings.”

Sometimes it is hard for us to just stop and choose something.  Sometimes the reasons we make poor choices are ingrained habits, based on unconscious messages we tell ourselves.

Yet we must believe that those poor choices in the past and those ingrained habits, based on unconscious messages ARE EXTERNAL TO OUR TRUE SELF.  We have real free will.

Whether the above scenario in your life is about food or something else, please know that we have real free will and can utilize something we may not be in touch with (our higher soul that loves Hashem and is aware constantly of His Love for us).

Please see for more on being a soul in a garment called a body, and begin the journey of building a sanctuary in our hearts where we can bring to the misbeach our sacrificial offerings!  In so doing, we strip away what covers the real truth, that all there is in the world is the Creator, Who is all love.



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