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Elul – Who we are comes from what we will – and we have real free will
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We have the whole world in our hands.  listen below

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Rosh Chodesh Elul 5777 for 5778

Please visit  on this site to download a cheshbon hanesh sheet.  The columns are derived from a class given  as a way of seeing our patterns.  The introduction is filled with Torah to encourage us to really feel what is going on deeply inside of us without judging ourselves. The goal of the investigation is so we can be strong where we need to in releasing our souls from the confines of natural constricted consciousness.


Ultimately, the truth is that Hashem is all that exists and we are a part of Him in that context.  Yet we don’t feel that naturally. Hashem desires a being to choose to see ourselves that way.  When we add the ingredient of loving Hashem for the purpose of declaring Him King and seeing that as emulating His Compassion by making it possible for this world to be a world that can reveal Him, we are doing the work of fixing the original sin that caused the material world to not be able to have that constant awareness of His Oneness.


That is a mouthful and if it is too high to understand, we start with seeing where we are seeking happiness and where we believe our survival is coming from that, in the end, we can also see are false and confusing messages.  Nevertheless, we have coping mechanisms, belief systems, habits and more in place and often are too afraid to challenge these…either because we don’t have time, we are afraid of what we will find (we might have many negative messages about ourselves from childhood and failures), or we don’t really believe that this investigation is worth the struggle.


Elul is a time of investigating ourselves, to find where we are in need of making improvements.  The more we can identify as distant from Hashem and the more we are excited to bring those aspects of our character into alignment with Torah and Hashem’s attributes of mercy, the better our year will be.  Right now is the time when receiving insights along these lines is a little easier because “the King is in the field”, perhaps not as concealed from those seeking to investigate.  He makes it a little easier by being a drop closer to face our challenging characteristics and habits.  And, on Rosh Hashana, the day of Judgment, when He judges us, don’t we want Him to see that we are already aware of our challenges and that we have a plan to work on it?  What if we are not?  What is good for us is to work on it and if we are not conscious of what we need to work on, our year could include something to wake us up.  So it is far better to wake ourselves up.  It is safe because we are part of Hashem and He totally loves us and Is waiting for us to discover how we can bring ourselves closer in consciousness with Him.


Imagine all the things we feel that threaten us – money issues, relationship issues, health issues – Who is the Source of the circumstance?  Who is the One who holds the solutions?  What came to mind?  How much do we really trust that it is all Hashem Who Loves us?

This world is a world of Elokim, a fallen world where the material cannot cling to Hashem as it once did before Adom sinned. Constriction is imperative.  How do we reconstitute the consciousness?  Ahavas Hashem.  When we arouse love for Hashem in our hearts, that effort is infused into the presenting challenge.  Literally it peels away the constricting cover that is trying to grip for its own materialistic purpose something of Hashem.  With the arousal from below of loving Hashem, knowing that we are purposefully doing so to traverse the stormy bumps of constricted consciousness appearing even though everything at all times is love from Hashem and good, we weather and redirect the power of the constriction back to Hashem and we calm down.  While in the powerful storm, we identify all the beliefs that are false in our thinking and submit them to Hashem all the while loving Hashem for our life in this world and the world to come, asking for His help in unifying everything back to the truth of His Oneness and love.

May these words empower the reader to embark on the cheshbon hanefesh needed to create a great new year for each of us and for the Jewish people, and may our effort to do so be enough to make it possible for this world to become a world where Hashem’s glory can be revealed.

Integrating the power of will to understand and choose our identity

There are two concepts I am putting together. One is to see our lower will like a piece of fruit, where we encounter the skin first but underneath is nourishment we need. The second is that our higher will is as capable of signalling our mind and body as our lower will, if we have the concentration and meditation skills to hold steady as we encounter the “skin” of the fruit that would otherwise trigger the mind.  The goal is to unify the nourishment from our encounters with the world with Hashem’s Will, thereby becoming more and more like Hashem and more holy.

Rabbi Kessin’s meditation series on Youtube (in order on this blog at

explains in Part 4 that to meditate, one can do so on a sound, an object, or a visualization.  For what I am speaking about above, the visualization that I have been using is to see the will of the lower soul as unrectified will from the heart, and to see a channel from heart to mind and back to the heart, a vessel of sorts, where I can describe to Hashem what the lower soul is yearning for and instead tell Hashem what the higher soul is wanting and what I choose, to fill the vessel with a reflection of Hashem.  I ask Hashem to absorb the nourishment from what I am describing from the lower will because I see it as coming from corrupted will, a will based on ego and consciousness for the mortal self.

In order to be sincere with this, I have had to become certain that the love and the needs for survival are all being provided by Hashem.  Once clear with this, all the arguments of the lower will develop holes, for in the end, it is our corrupted belief that I or someone else can provide for my survival that is causing the feeling of lack to generate disappointment, anger or fear.  The strength therein can, instead, flow back to the Creator and become a strong attachment in my heart for Hashem.

Imagine a young bride looking to her husband for all her dreams.  That is who Hashem is for us.

Enjoy the meditation series.  Also, Rabbi Dror has a website and describes things in a very relatable way.



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Success depends on Hashem Himself, our role is our will to cleave to Him

Rabbi Aryeh Nivin teaches those in his personal development chaburas that success is not in our hands, but rather only what is in our hands is our effort to cleave to and serve Hashem in the moment.  The depths and importance of this teaching are truly elucidating.

Rabbi Mendel Kessin in the second part of his 15 part series on Meditation and the soul explains for a few minutes that no one really knows how our will affects the mind and triggers action!  There is no physiological trail to show how the exertion of will triggers the mind and action.  That astounding reality explains Rabbi Nivin’s teaching.  Whether Hashem awards success to either our corrupted will or our higher yearnings is up to Hashem alone.  He alone understands our intentions and sincerity in yearning.  It is never about the triggering circumstances, since that is in Hashem’s 100 percent control  Our will in every moment is intended to be focused on drawing Hashem’s truth and compassion deeply into our hearts and absorbing the spiritual material that is blocking Hashem from being revealed.  Rabbi Kessin explains the profound changes that can happen to a person when we comprehend and rely on a proper understanding of self as consciousness that can will and be responded to by the Creator.

If we could deeply understand and follow through with these ideas, understanding that every person has the potential to will to reveal Hashem in the moment, we would never feel that our natural reactions of self-defense are to be acted upon directly, but instead would realize that our natural fears and angers and disempowerment are to be acted upon inwardly to install Hashem’s compassion and truth into the muscles and veins of our hearts so that He flows through as he intends for us to yearn to do, thus making it possible for Him to be revealed in this world.

Are we ready to exercise the self-control and discipline to simply love Hashem and believe in the Oneness of Hashem?  Or are we going to fall on the sword of the illusion that if we are triggered we must fight back as if anything we could accomplish could be done by our own power?  Once we see the truth, all we need is more will and Rabbi Shapira teaches us that we can tap into unlimited free will, because we are connected to the real power, Hashem, and therefore can draw as much willpower as we need to absorb the false yet powerful stirrings of the lower soul.  We can replace the natural emotions in the hollow of our mortal existence and heart with eternal love, tolerance, and  revelation of His mercy in this world, building eternal identity.


Rabbi Mendel Kessin – 15 part series on Meditation

Rabbi Mendel Kessin posted a 15 part series on Meditation, The Nature of Soul and Nevuah on Youtube. For convenience, I created a page of the Youtubes in order here



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The fulcrum to focus on in order to build eternal identity is how we manage our judgmental emotions

One of the easier way of working on being able to build ourselves in making these choices is through our use of food.  Our choices with the self-talk involved with eating can help us build not only healthy body, but also a healthy mind.  Please see for more information or to contact me about a journey to optimal health.