Why do we need to be right? Are we serious?!!

How are you doing with your optimal health goals this summer?  I would be delighted to discuss any way that I might be able to help you reach a healthy weight or maintain a healthy weight.  I do not charge (if the program I work with is a fit for you, they pay me) but I also have great templates for whole food calorie based programs.  Please be in touch with me through www.createoptimalliving.com where my number is listed.

Do we have the emunah to fulfill the purpose for which Hashem creates the world?


As you know I am an independent health coach helping people reach and maintain a healthy weight (I do not charge – I work with a nutrition program and if that program is a fit for someone the company compensates me accordingly.)  If you or anyone you love is struggling to reach a healthy weight please have them contact me through www.createoptimalliving.com which has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau

Stormy emotion management – discern the topic we are being asked to bring to holiness and mercy

I always have time to help anyone you know who might be struggling with trying to reach or maintain an optimal weight.  Please contact me for a free wellness eval (my services are without charge at all times – if the nutrition program I work with is right for you, the company pays me for the coaching.) www.createoptimalliving.com

Also you can find out more and contact me through www.beyondanydoubts.com/createoptimalliving