4 thoughts on “When feeling like we need to disconnect, first connect to Hashem to re=evaluate our response

  1. Rachel Marina

    Very helpful, many thanks! I have only one question: at this critical moment, the forces of sitra achra work the most, I think. And at this moment seems this feeling to be real, true. How can we understand exactly at THIS critical moment, realize, that it is the interruption of the connection to the H-shem?

    1. shulikleinman Post author

      That is an emunah question and a bitachon challenge
      Hashem fills all the universe and He is the only Beng that lives.
      Our pain is specifically designed so that we can submit its incredible downward pulls toward self back to connection to the Truth

      The outcome is up to Hashem but He loves us

      If we are able to hold open with the strength of our anger the point of falsehood, namely that we have independent autonomous existence, and steady the neck of the belief, namely that our survival depends on US, and we cry out instead to Hashem to please help us bring our deep love for Him into the desert we have laid bare before Him in teshuva, and to please bring His compassion into our inner desert, we have done everything we can to unify His Name and remain connected to Him


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