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Pathways to transform darkness to light

We live with the consciousness of our perceptions and our interpretations.  If we experienced strictness, harshness, and/or abuse when very young, the forming mind that is seeking approval forms a false belief of intrinsic worth – a child interprets the lack of love and affection as a statement about worthiness.


As a child matures and reaches adulthood, those early messages imprinted on the brain of the child’s nervous system get triggered over and over again and even though they may not be in touch with its origin, cause a feeling of unknown attack to their honor and self esteem.  If there are repetitions all at the same time, the person’s senses become overloaded and they may have an anxiety attack or a panic attack.

Packed within that attack likes a part of our inner being that is longing to be restored to positive purpose.  But how?

On this blog at

are a series of translations from the derech of Rabbi Asher Freund zatzal that describe a hisbodidus process to return all spiritual energy in devekus to Hashem so that it is free of the falsehoods placed on it.  We want our inner being to become a revelation of Hashem’s Torah and mercy. Why?  We will live with our inner being for eternity  That is  a long time.  The struggle we make here to align our inner being with Truth is a great investment!

What do we have to lose – our anxiety?

For women who want to go on a journey, another approach that accomplishes this would be, where Rabbi Nivin distills into tools practical and measurable steps to grow.

At, Rabbi Cable is teaching much Torah so that we can hold onto the truth as we delve into our personal avodas Hashem.

At  Rabbi Labinsky teaches terrific on point shiurim that all focus on growth.

At, Rabbi Ittamar Schwartz presents for free teaching after teaching to take the reader on this important journey.

At there are english classes from Rabbi Yitzchok Ginsburg that carefully detail Torah descriptions of how our mentality is developed so that we have the ability to really exercise free will.

Rabbi Moshe Genuth gives shiurim live streamed on Facebook – befriend him and watch or click here for the links to watch past  classes

Whatever you choose, choose something.  Eternity is very long,  Even if you don’t believe in anything ask yourself, is my inner being healthy and peaceful, joyous?  If we are finding our enjoyment in externalities that will not be with us for all eternity, it is really a good idea to begin now.