3 thoughts on “Recognizing the fixing we have to do

  1. Rachel Marina

    Thank you, Shuli.
    Does it mean that all negative thoughts are wrong? That they contain no constructive elements at all? Everything just sitra achra? Example to my question: If I am in a situation that worries me and I have the feeling, something develops in the wrong direction, these kind of thoughts are obviously negative. But does it mean that they have nothing constructive? Are they not there to point out a problem? Or are the problems only “inner” type and the situation is given to work on the “inner” problem? Does it mean, that is not possible for me to change the situation at all?

    1. shulikleinman Post author

      negative thoughts mean we are alive!!! They are our chiyus!! we are here to shleppe the hidden holiness in them from the tohu to tikun. By using self knowledge and prayer we weave together our soul and body so that the soul runs our hearts inssteand o our nature. I hope this helps! Life is about transforming darkness to light by noticing where light is absent in our lives and begging Hashem for His Compassion to shine there.

      it is life long. Life is good. In this way, with our effort and free will we build eternal identity based on love and awe of Hashem


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