Monthly Archives: February 2017

A description of the journey from emotional pain to calmness that requires and builds emunah

  1. Notice the pain. Pain means that there is confusion of mind. There is something holy (life force) trapped and exiled in false beliefs and suffering. In that moment we are easily deceived from the truth that everything Hashem does is for our benefit.  In order to remove the grip the falsehood has on our imagination, express out loud, speaking to our purity, words of compassion that acknowledge our vulnerability to clinging to the false belief because of how our experiences and past present some type of “substantiation” for the falsehood,  such as “It is totally understandable that I would feel this way.”   .
  2. Make a mental note how the confusing illusion is causing spiritual bleeding and even creating a worse suffering rather than accomplishing any good in the apparent world.,
  3. Compete for the imagination to let go of the falsehood by reminding the holiness within it that there is a Creator and He creates me and all of the apparent world including this situation. Have the sincere intention to uplift imagination to cling to kedusha and tefilla and Torah. Summon up emunah even if just to having the intention of having the eminah to let go of falsehood and connect to the real world, the world of Hashem Echad. One way to do this is to call out to Hashem to please help me return all of my soul to His Service and redeem me from  exile .  Ask Hashem to allow me to connect worlds so that His Compassion can flow into this world through my speech and deeds.
  4. Experience the calming in the soul and grow through the experience as it adds another layer to emunah and Hashem Echad.  We can do anything when we know He does everything and we stay connected