4 thoughts on “We are designed to pray to Hashem to heal our thinking – real free will to fear Hashem”

  1. Have I correctly understood, that the only thing, how we can influence our thinking, is at the moment when we are faking a negative thought and catching it, to start to scream to H-shem and ask Him to influence that negativity from the perspective of HIS mercy? Is this the moment of switching from our subjective “reality” to HIS reality? Is this the most important avoida in this critical moment?

    1. We have to do a great deal to prepare ourselves for that type of moment. Otherwise, our natural animalistic survival instinct automatically become involved. Through verebal introspection, writing down our false beliefs, setting incremental positive steps to help us and learning Torah, we prepare ourselves to address that moment but it could take a lifetime of work. When we have the self understanding and the emunah and the bitachon to do so, then crying out to Hashem to please save us from the sitras achra can be quite healing. There are many steps to seeing success, but from my personal view, it is worth the sweat. We really can heal our thinking.

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