3 thoughts on “More on Identifying the opportunity to prepare our offering of unrectified characteristics

  1. Rachel Marina

    Shuli, shalom! When we feel that a negativity rises in us, we should try to switch from our subjective reality to the reality of H-shem. Then we ask Him to save us and enable us to see this situation, which has caused the negativity with us, from his perspective. Then – if with H-shem help! – we have managed to ask Him to help before we react and sink into negativity, the next step, right? We should see from the perspective of H-shem on the three attributes, what you are talked about, that may have brought us to negativity. But can we analyze at the moment? Or should we ask ourselves only, OK, what has now come up? Why am I angry from H-shems perspective, etc 😕 Or why H-shem “made” me angry now? What should I recognize? I am not shure, if i can analyze at this kinde of critical moment…

    1. shulikleinman Post author

      The confusion is coming because there is something within us that needs to attach to Hashem. The situation is orchestrated by Hashem to call our attention to the true reality that part of our soul is clinging to a false belief based on living in a body in time and space. The crying out to Hashem io validate that we undersstand this and wish to return all of our soul to the situation. We need trust in Hashem to know if we do this, somehow He will take care of the situation, the real task is unifying our soul and healing our thinking. Our thinking is the reality that we can affect.


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