4 thoughts on “Reflections on bringing emunah and bitachon into survival instincts themselves

  1. Rachel Marina

    Dear Shuli, If I have understood this correctly, the most important thing at the moment when negativity comes, is to say: This is my coping mechanism, that is the survival instinct that is always coming back in my life and that is untruth – that is My personal exile. Well, if I say this however in the first step, I do not believe it at this moment! Emotionally I am so much involved in this negative mechanism that I have no chance at that moment to feel love to H-shem, haste Shalom, and to connect emotionally with Him. I am then like an addict, my coping-mechanism-addict, who drive me to do what I always do in this kind of situations. And if I understand you correctly, Shuli, to get rid of this darkness, is one would have to do exactly !!! what emotionally impossible at that moment – to cry to H-shem. Does it mean that I have to do it anyway – intellectually – at the beginning without emotion – so H-shem Can Give me the chance to cry? I’m still not aware of this switch mechanism, dear Shuli. To switch in the right moment is at the moment the hardest thing, i cannot make it still. What should i do?

    1. shulikleinman Post author

      Now yuo understand the struggle You are describing exatly the matter that I address each day
      Daily verbal introspection so that we develop a knowledge of how we get hijacked and why is crucial I now can say my distortion out loud, even though it has been running my life for decades that is preemptive, meaning when it comes up I know what I am dealing with
      The next is emunah, learning Torah so that we really know that Hashem is real and that He has given us the ability to desire to abstain from being hijacked so that we can instead serve Him
      Then, when we have done that, our crying out for Hashem to have compassion on us and save us from the downward pulls is the most we can do Hashem in his Mercy lifts us out of it.
      Emunah is a muscle Bitachon is really knowing that we cannot affect the apparent world except through prayer. I hope this helps

      1. Rachel Marina

        Thank you, this helps, B.H. There are 3 steps, what i have to try, yes? I would like to work in the group with you, Shuli, to be more connected.
        What you can recomend to start to learn, that i can develop more Emunah B”H to know really and every moment that H-shem is real?


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