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Rosh Chodesh Avodah – Adar: The Power of Laughter from Bilvavi Rabbi Ittamar Schwartz

How doubt and confusion of mind interfere with our mission

The experience of life is given to us in order to form eternal identity.  Our eternal identity reverts to being unified in consciousness with the One Who Was Is and Will Be. The time we are in this world with free will is our opportunity to experience an existence that feels like our identity so that we can instead remember to open our hearts to letting in the compassion and mercy of Hashem.  Our choice to do so reflects an understanding of who Hashem is and how He creates us, as well as a love for Hashem and desire to remain connected for all eternity.  Confusion about the illusions that our perceptions and physical existence create provide the venue in which free will operate.  Listening to the “alternative” to Hashem can cause us to become fallen into the shells that conceal Hashem’s presence, heaven forbid.  We want the life that Hashem blesses us with to bring His compassion into the world and reveal Him, not to be part of what conceals Him.

When we love Hashem in this way, we love everyone.  When people feel loved, we are able to be less confused and get out of suffering.

the choice is ours.