Mi Hashem Ilai Who is for Hashem

Please see the three classes released by Rabbi Doniel Katz of the Elevation Project.  In these classes he helps us live the way Hashem designs us to live, to bring light into our suffering and more.

I truly believe that Rav Doniel lost his funding JUST TO GIVE US THE CHANCE TO DECLARE Mi Hashem Ilai!!  Even a small donation includes you in the light he is teaching to bring out of all of us


Ahem… I have a big announcement. So this is what happened last week.

THE SET-UP: The Elevation Project had one main donor whose business just unexpectedly went under, causing us to instantly lose all our funding. What fun! Especially since we’ve just completed our first series of more than 30 hours of the most beautiful teachings of Torah, Kabbalah and consciousness, with the intent of unleashing it on the world in the coming weeks. Viva l’evolution! Well, not so fast…

THE CHALLENGE: Suddenly I am left $60,000 in personal debt to the film producers. And we can’t even begin to launch the full series internationally until it’s paid off.

THE SOLUTION: Crowd-funding to the rescue! SOS! Help…me…in the spirit of the holy light of Chanukah? You know, bringing light to the world and all that stuff…

THE BRIBE: How can I get you to generously donate to a cause and vision that you don’t know anything about yet? (Assuming you weren’t one of the more than 500 super-stars who just completed our online program.) THIS IS YOUR LUCKY DAY. Here are the first 3 episodes of the Elevation Mastery Program, entitled “Elevation Foundations.” These alone should be enough to whet your appetite and transform your understanding of what’s possible for the future of Torah, consciousness and the human race. HERE IT IS: https://vimeo.com/channels/elevationfoundations

THE GROVEL: Please please please, if you watch it, and you get how much we all need this, please consider making a serious donation BEFORE the year’s end. Here’s the link: https://www.gofundme.com/Elevationvideocosts

With love, light and Chanukah blessings,

Doniel Katz

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