Inspired by chanukah Talks by Bilvavi – our lives are given to us so that we can come to recognize Hashem

What if we really believed that the emotional pain that we experience is for a purpose?


What if we really understood that the purpose is none of the outcomes in time and space that we could think of?


What if we really understood that when we understand that our suffering is because we are experiencing life FOR THE PURPOSE OF FROM WITHIN OUR LIVES opening our hearts to bring light into the darkness?


What if we really understood that prayer accomplishes this?


What if we really understood that our pain is really a part of our soul disconnected and trapped desiring to be returned to ITS OWNER through that prayerful effort?


What would it take?


  1. Our beliefs formed early in life are full of false ideas formed before we had consciousness of Hashem and by an infant or child mind that doesn’t have more mature thinking yet
  2. Understanding when we are in a frame of mind connected to these false beliefs gives us free will choice to exercise emunah and open the prayer door beseeching Hashem to please help us live as He has planned and not according to our false beliefs
  3. We have five puzzle pieces to a gazillion piece puzzle.  Our five are sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch.  We don’t have control over breathing, metabolism, heart rate and more.  So why do we think we can solve what Hashem orchestrates for us on our own? We need to turn our eyes upwards.
  4. Relying first on powerful tactics in time and space leaves out the formation of the connection and intention to bring light into the matter. Go first with emunah to Hashem.

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