Just say yes to personal development -you will be glad you did!

The purpose of our lifetime is to correct our beliefs to conform them with the truth as set forth in the Torah.  In this way, personal development is something that each of us is capable to pursue – it is not too hard, although it can often be challenging.  In Rabbi Wolfson’s shiur on Chanukah, http://wp.me/p4Mkdu-1qX

Rabbi Wolfsonexplains how each of us is sent to remove the impurities that cover over the pure essence – the examples of Yaakov and Yosef show us how our lives are orchestrated so that we can fulfill our missions.  Once we make the choice to pursue our lives submitting our false beliefs to the truth, we have made an important move against assimilation and towards bringing holiness into our hearts and lives and into the world.  The emunah we need to withstand the terrible suffering of all the galuses thus far and in the future is built into our hearts awaiting its release – thanks and praises to Hashem for giving us the free will to ask for His Help along this amazing journey of creating eternity for ourselves out of a meager mortal life.  Hashem is King over all the world and His Name is One

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