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Mi Hashem Ilai Who is for Hashem

Please see the three classes released by Rabbi Doniel Katz of the Elevation Project.  In these classes he helps us live the way Hashem designs us to live, to bring light into our suffering and more.

I truly believe that Rav Doniel lost his funding JUST TO GIVE US THE CHANCE TO DECLARE Mi Hashem Ilai!!  Even a small donation includes you in the light he is teaching to bring out of all of us


Ahem… I have a big announcement. So this is what happened last week.

THE SET-UP: The Elevation Project had one main donor whose business just unexpectedly went under, causing us to instantly lose all our funding. What fun! Especially since we’ve just completed our first series of more than 30 hours of the most beautiful teachings of Torah, Kabbalah and consciousness, with the intent of unleashing it on the world in the coming weeks. Viva l’evolution! Well, not so fast…

THE CHALLENGE: Suddenly I am left $60,000 in personal debt to the film producers. And we can’t even begin to launch the full series internationally until it’s paid off.

THE SOLUTION: Crowd-funding to the rescue! SOS! Help…me…in the spirit of the holy light of Chanukah? You know, bringing light to the world and all that stuff…

THE BRIBE: How can I get you to generously donate to a cause and vision that you don’t know anything about yet? (Assuming you weren’t one of the more than 500 super-stars who just completed our online program.) THIS IS YOUR LUCKY DAY. Here are the first 3 episodes of the Elevation Mastery Program, entitled “Elevation Foundations.” These alone should be enough to whet your appetite and transform your understanding of what’s possible for the future of Torah, consciousness and the human race. HERE IT IS:

THE GROVEL: Please please please, if you watch it, and you get how much we all need this, please consider making a serious donation BEFORE the year’s end. Here’s the link:

With love, light and Chanukah blessings,

Doniel Katz

Inspired by chanukah Talks by Bilvavi – our lives are given to us so that we can come to recognize Hashem

What if we really believed that the emotional pain that we experience is for a purpose?


What if we really understood that the purpose is none of the outcomes in time and space that we could think of?


What if we really understood that when we understand that our suffering is because we are experiencing life FOR THE PURPOSE OF FROM WITHIN OUR LIVES opening our hearts to bring light into the darkness?


What if we really understood that prayer accomplishes this?


What if we really understood that our pain is really a part of our soul disconnected and trapped desiring to be returned to ITS OWNER through that prayerful effort?


What would it take?


  1. Our beliefs formed early in life are full of false ideas formed before we had consciousness of Hashem and by an infant or child mind that doesn’t have more mature thinking yet
  2. Understanding when we are in a frame of mind connected to these false beliefs gives us free will choice to exercise emunah and open the prayer door beseeching Hashem to please help us live as He has planned and not according to our false beliefs
  3. We have five puzzle pieces to a gazillion piece puzzle.  Our five are sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch.  We don’t have control over breathing, metabolism, heart rate and more.  So why do we think we can solve what Hashem orchestrates for us on our own? We need to turn our eyes upwards.
  4. Relying first on powerful tactics in time and space leaves out the formation of the connection and intention to bring light into the matter. Go first with emunah to Hashem.

Seeking Torah to enhance spiritual understandings for some of today’s challenges

One of the benefits of reading things that I don’t understand fully is that I get bits and pieces of truth and want to use imagination to connect them but only based on Torah. Knowing where to hunt within Torah to make sure all the understanding of one thing out of another is spiritually correct is the next step.  Does anyone care to discuss based on Torah – I am not looking for judgments nor to form judgment here but rather to learn up the topic solidly according to Torah for my own edification:


  1. According to Chazal, the Jewish people are created as the bride, the female, the spouse, to Hashem.  We know this from Mount Sinai where we are told that we are the bride, Hashem the groom and the Torah the ring.  Although the Jewish people are both male and female, in terms of this spiritual role we are all the female element – the neshama, the imagination/builder of the Hashem’ Torah to bring His light into the world.  More on this point is that Yitzchok who represents the midda of gevurah was considered to have a feminine element until the akeida when he acquired the male element (we see the acquiring of a male element when Yaakov is changed to Yisroel and Yosef passes his test with Potiphar’s wife and becomes Yosef HaTzaddik, and the Arizal states that Binyamin also acquires this male element, which is why he stands out with Yosef from his brothers , who were tzaddikim of six characteristics but not in this characteristic of yesod, of including the male element, a level of purity that is designed to insulate against assimilation.  I know that is a big piece here, but that is my limited understanding…I am wondering if anyone can discuss this in a grounded way as I would like to correct my understanding to be true
  2. If all humanity, namely the soul of Adom, is designed with this neshama as female/bina/imagination, yet made male and female, does this provide anything enlightening to the debates about human rights that we are facing?  In other words, is the lack of connecting back to Hashem’s design of creation causing strife between people who sincerely care about respecting one another – is it possible to contradict the way Hashem designs the body for each soul no matter how challenging that may seem and is the denial of Hashem for the reality of one’s own nature the best way to address this issue?
  3. If the task is to bring our subjective challenges through a repair by bringing more and more truth into our beliefs, and we deny that there is an absolute truth, how does that distinguish us as humane when we see what happened to the generation of the flood – again, is denial the way to go or is there a submission that may be complete mesiras nefesh but necessary?
  4. Without insulting anyone or making any judgments, does anyone care to comment on the traditional spiritual roles of men and women and the more progressive changes regarding the role of women?  Does anyone care to extend that discussion to the changed role of women since the 1950’s?  No attacks – just please share Torah and if there is objection to that, please forgive me – I am asking for my own learning up of the matter and not as a judgment.
  5. For those of us who are terribly challenged with fears and anxieties that feel real to us even though they are imprints on our minds, do we understand and empathize with the challenges of others enough to recognize that we alone have no power but that if we beseech Hashem because we realize how fallen and broken we are, that He can change everything just for the asking – if we truly ask everyone to rise above nature, whatever that may be, because we have trust that there is a creator who is desiring to bring into all of us wisdom and truth that can heal all the experiences that torment us, would we gladly see that our challenge is not us?

Just say yes to personal development -you will be glad you did!

The purpose of our lifetime is to correct our beliefs to conform them with the truth as set forth in the Torah.  In this way, personal development is something that each of us is capable to pursue – it is not too hard, although it can often be challenging.  In Rabbi Wolfson’s shiur on Chanukah,

Rabbi Wolfsonexplains how each of us is sent to remove the impurities that cover over the pure essence – the examples of Yaakov and Yosef show us how our lives are orchestrated so that we can fulfill our missions.  Once we make the choice to pursue our lives submitting our false beliefs to the truth, we have made an important move against assimilation and towards bringing holiness into our hearts and lives and into the world.  The emunah we need to withstand the terrible suffering of all the galuses thus far and in the future is built into our hearts awaiting its release – thanks and praises to Hashem for giving us the free will to ask for His Help along this amazing journey of creating eternity for ourselves out of a meager mortal life.  Hashem is King over all the world and His Name is One