Develop the spiritual maturity of mankind – the altruism and service that the Creator desires,

How do we move from self-consciousness to altruism with the self freely choosing the guidelines set forth in the Torah on how to conduct our llives and relationships?


Emunah means faith but it encompasses a far more reaching truth – the inner reality of emunah is that Hashem is the only Being that is alive and He creates a world and gives us a body through which we can experience a mortal human lifetime through spiritual material connected to Him.  He is the only Being that is actually alive yet He has chosen to  share that life with His Creations giving us free will to “believe” in Him or not!

Through the developmental stages from infancy to old age, we see the experiences that the Creator wishes for us to experience through the life He give us.  He creates and forms our circumstances and what we will experience while we are given the experience of being alive.

The mature picture is to really be able to identify with the free will the Creator gives us to choose to fulfill the Torah and bring blessing to the world.

It is completely true that the the volatile negative alternatively felt feelings are our first reactions.  Yet it is purposeful not for the advancement of our self-oriented goals but rather for the opportunity to gel together through our love for Hashem the spiritual material within us.


Following after our negative responses that tell us we are right is a cry to Hashem that we don’t want to be forgotten, abandoned or annihilated.  Yet we can accomplish this through love of Hashem and implementation of the laws and characteristics that reflect the Torah.

Without Torah, there are a milieu of alternative values.  When we come to realize that every person alive must find the commonality that we share – namely that we are experiencing life because the Creator is sharing life with us – we are able to broaden our perspective from the subjective good that might include a negative reaction toward another person  to trying to integrate the spiritual material that is in conflict within me in favor of doing what the Creator sees fit.


Had Adom not eaten from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil there would be no milieu of religions, nationalities, races, or ethics.  It is up to us to put aside our subjective view for the bigger picture and come to the spiritual maturity of mankind the altruism and service that the Creator desires, to do His Will in this world out of love and awe for the absolute truth that He is the only Being that is actually alive.


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Delighting in Hashem – The Source of real inner peace – the journey begins with each of us

There is never a reason to expand natural reactions of dislike that can grow to hatred when we gain perspective that we are merely blind to how everything is connected to One universal light


Despite the uniqueness of every person with all the factors of race, religion, nationality, intelligence, physical ability and more, these uniqueness’s fade like the number 2 into infinity when we understand the context of our lives.


And that context is that through our uniqueness, we are able to form an eternal life for ourselves by revealing something Higher when we transcend our natural conditions and limitations.  One example is Helen Keller who never saw but who transcended her blindness so that her soul and goodness could be seen through her choices.


There is an inner peace, a happiness, that once we feel it even microscopically, we will be invigorated on a pathway to connect more and more to the Source of that inner peace.


It means submitting our false beliefs about physical pleasure not because physicality is not enjoyable nor because we no longer wish for it to be part of our lives, but rather to understand that we are not able to take it for ourselves in the first place, that it is being given to us from the Source out of love as a free gift, may we continue to receive from the charity fund!


Building ourselves in emunah means verbally introspecting and acting on the belief that Hashem is the only Being that is alive, has power, and has any value whatsoever.  In so doing, we bring His generosity in giving us a body through which we can experience life in a far different way and use our free willed choice to bring awareness of His Truth so that all can come to inner peace and connection.


The confusion of mind we have about our uniqueness as the source of happiness is the result of the blockages and veils that came into the world through the deceptive tongue of the snake and the opening in our mind towards self-consciousness that was given so that we could recognize the Source, not so that we could grow in believing in our own self-consciousness and self-absorption as any kind of source for inner peace.


Being open to the Divine purpose of creating mankind so we can partake in delighting in Hashem becomes an amazing transformative journey.  However we react to that truth – with negative rejection or curious excitement – is a great place to start the exploration!