In the mud? Emunah is the muscle we need

What do we need the most when we are feeling engulfed by negativity and downward pulling emotions?  It can feel like we are in a terrible storm internal winds blowing at destructive levels.  The muscle is emunah…

1. relaxing negativity is equivalent to yearning for closeness to Hashem – but how can we yearn for Hashem when our thinking has been exiled by our strong negative emotions or coping mechanisms?

2  remembering Hashem’s compassion for us helps us to cry out to Hashem and regain enough composure to understand our nervous system is in a spiral and we can understand that without acting, and show ourselves a moment of compasssion through deep breathing  with the intent to relax enough to open a pinhole in the grip our negative heartfelt habit or coping mechanism has on us.

3.with that pinhole  opening and our effort to show ourselves compasssion, our heart can sincerely plead with Hashem out of  loving and yearning for Hashem

4. we need enough emunah to trust in His compasssion so we can feel relaxed/yearning long enough for our soul to hold steady through the storm of negativity knowing that we are exerting effort to  unify our soul by rectifying our middos and reveal our higher soul through our nervous system resulting in  thought speech and deeds – rather than exhibiting destructive behaviors otherwie generated  due to our natural unrectified middos.

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