Grateful for life, in love with Hashem the King – Lshana tova

The process of healing and growing closer to Hashem is one of removing our false beliefs that we have in a pattern trusted and relied on.


Emunah is the muscle power that we need in order to hold our awareness in a place above our learned cause and effect wisdom to see that there is a bigger game.


That bigger game is how we are given an opportunity to participate in the real cause and effect of everything, by creating an influence using our free will and the creative power of speech through tefilla.  Hashem lets us feel as though we are at bat even though He is doing everything.  Once we realize that He will bring about His Will, we are empowered to see how we can schleppe chiyus from our false beliefs and entrenched habits that have me as the center and send our chiyus up the line to serve that expanded Truth, to participate in total love and mercy, through utilizing our physical existence and everything we know of this world cause and effect to move forward in learning, mitzvohs, and middos.  In so choosing, we pray for His Help, with a sincere heart, and somehow we become part of the organic oneness of the universe because that is what the 613 mitzvohs and Torah learning given to mankind are meant to do, to repair through mercy the subjectivity and strict judgmentalism from a world of chaos in order to create a utopia.


The playing field is our heart.


Chasima v’kisima tova

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