Hashem Melech

As soon as I feel like I want to cry

I stop and realize I have gone awry

As soon as I feel there is something amiss

I stop and cry out for a Heavenly Kiss


What is the lack that draws me to tears

What is amiss that generates my fears?

How come I experience lack and pain

In a world where there is so much strain?


I believe in a Higher cause and effect

A world where there is no lack

An existence where all is perfect.

It is of course not in time and space

But it is a world with which we can interface


Through our hearts when we steer clear

Of the silk threads of the web that draw us to tears

The threads that cry of strain and pain

That our end is only how much we gain.

When our hearts are sensitive to the threads

That want to trap us in hopeless “me” dread

We choose out of the cause and effect we know

And realize it is only this world below

Designed to give us real free will

To pray and yearn to bring our life force uphill.


The effort we mobilize to so steer clear

Here in the place where life is dear

Becomes our identity for eternity

Rising above the pulls of modernity


To Hashem we cling

So that our hearts can sing

Thank you every day

For the chance to shine a ray

Of the light of Your Compassion

Into this world of action

And with You from Your Place

That Your light be seen on our face

That we are unified with You

The One and Only Who is True


Hashem Melech

Hashem Moloch

Hashem Yimloch Leolam Voed


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