A Jewih overview of the expanded understanding of the world and what the expanded universal mission of every life could be

In the worlds before this world, Hashem creates worlds of strict justice, where there is judgment and consequence for not following the Torah.  Instant consequence.  The beings could not contain any understanding escept  for themselves . Therefore there was clash and ultimate destruction.  The life force of these beings fell into this world of repair.  This is a world where there is mercy
The name yud k vav k, the second letter, is the creation itself.  This world.  It is a creation where we have free will and the ability to imagine, meaning that we can imagine that we are in control and not Hashem.  When we feel we are in control, and Hashem does lend us use of His Power to do our functioning and service, our sense of self thickens and can become our primary focus.  At that point, we are overly involved with our efforts and mistakenly think that our successes and failures are in our own hand, by our own power.Our bina, which is female energy to have a relationship with Hashem through consciousness yet without any power.  The male energy is of course the pure chochma of Hashem, He is the giver who gives us this the amazing gift of life. This is the misdirection that our imagination  can take us if we do not, on a constant basis glue our imagination to remembering Hashem’ Name, especially the 13 attributes of mercy.  This mis-direction is the topic of our daily verbal introspection and our cheshbon hanefesh, the focus of our work on aligning our middos from the natural realm to match Hashem’s middo harachamim.
The purpose of Hashem creating an imperfect being designed to correct itself through aligning with Hashem is so that in that effort, we stir mercy into the elements of the world which contain the strict judgments that fell into this world for repair.


So we have the raw material, judgmentalism, built into our subconscious, and we have the emunah, inherited from Avraham and Yitzchok at the akeida,.  We are given free will and the wisdom from the Torah to activate that emunah in order to provide an expanded awareness for our life purpose.  With our emunah and free will, we can transform the vitalizing judgmentalism that fell into this world and into our subconscious and tell Hashem that we wish to  open up and send its compelling vitality to become absorbed once again in the expanded compassion of Hashem.  This is the repair we can do NOW, before the 25th of elul and surely before Rosh Hashana that could really change our lives.

Doing teshuva now, in elul, before the 25th of elul on all the ways that we feel we are right and justifiable can therefore be a mitigation for what false beliefs have to fall into our world for 5777.  If we pre-empt the development of judgmentalism for 5777 by doing teshuva on all the areas where we think we are in control, that we are right, that we are autonomous and independent, and instead we crown Him King while He is in the field, Hashem will hear that we are returning to the truth, that He is the Only Being, and that we wish to be absorbed in His Value, so that we can shine the emanating light that He is giving us through  13 attributes of mercy.
To have the muscle power to really do this teshuva, we need real emunah.  We can then choose to love Hashem and have compassion on the vitality swirling in the confusion of our sense of autonomous independent existence and all its beliefs.  We can turn our judgments into a cholent of shelamos, understanding others and holding space for them, while learning from all and being unified on the basis of prayer and emunah in the One Living King


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