Are free will and choice coming to an end?

Is it time to ask,  have we overlooked the reality that free will and choice are under attack and may not survive?


When our minds experience murder as a result of one person using their best judgment of free willed choice to stop another person from living in a way that they feel they have clarity is not permissible,  the repeated pattern over and over creates a new thought habit in our head…I want to do x but I better not because so and so might kill me for my view…our choice is not really a choice to do the right thing because of a yearning to align with truth and justice and value, our choice is reduced to having no choice and feeling that we must do what another expects or off with your head… Does anyone remember when our minds were searching for truth and open to truth and even if we were not searching we knew that there is a truth out there that is good and loving even if we are not choosing it in the moment? Does anyone remember when people cared enough to try to help us get on a truthful path because it was good for us?   Does anyone experience the feeling of patience and love that Hashem has for us because He wants US to choose to love Him?


In a world where there is my way or the highway thinking, it affects all of us.  And that impact is that if a person chooses a belief system and someone else disagrees vehemently, the person experiences shame and has fear of loss of life or status.  This is not the basis of America.


America was formed because people wanted freedom for the four inches between our ears.  If our inner world is subject to threats from others who disagree with our thoughts so strongly they are willing to die to kill us, our basic freedom of choice has been affected.


The goal of free will is so that we use it to choose to bring Torah and Hashem’s compassion into the world.  When we understand that we are nitrogen and carbon particles and that He is doing everything, we pray that He lead us in the way He wants us to go, which is to bring something through us that reveals His lovingkindess.


As unexciting as that sounds, it actually is the most exciting and joyous approach because when we understand to pray and cling to Hashem, we become a channel through which such compassion comes into the world that we experience that compassion in a way that can be known experientially.  It is clear that no one receiving compassion from us would suffer or experience pain.  Instead both parties would understand Who Hashem is and realize that a person can bring something truly beneficial to the world and be a blessing to the world.


This requires of us to realize that in every second, there is danger at the door and that danger is the powerful force trying to rule our lower being based on the thinking of the lower being before it has time to reconnect to Hashem’s will.  The lower being on its own does not stop and submit its pain to Hashem beseeching Him for clarity and for guidance in how to respond  The lower soul simply reacts angrily, with fear  based on its judgment and desire to dominate the other party’s choice.


The truth about being born with speech and free will is that we can scientifically apply these gifts to remain connected with the Giver of speech and free will, the Giver of life itself as wel as every happiness and all blessings.  Even though our lives are limited, our souls remain alive in another world and we will be very glad that here, where we had real free will, we chose to serve Hashem’s will. All we have to do is stop and consider how to call out to Hashem and let Him know we are interested in aligning our life with His Truth.

Living with free will and choice without awareness of Hashem’s love for us blinds us to one of the most important choices, the most important choice in fact, that we have – to have a relationship with the most loving Being Whose love for us provides blessings beyond our wildest understandings not only in every pleasure we have or could ever imagine but with the pleasure of the experience of being a loving being like He is.

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