We are taught to live every day as if it is our last – doing teshuva is an escalator

The perspective of being mortal in the world that we see but do not have total control over means that our survival is in the hands of Hashem Alone.  The Source for all happiness is the byproduct of serving Hashem with love in our hearts, deriving meaning and purpose for our lives.

This happiness in serving Hashem is a choice.

Yet it can be very covered over by trauma, unhealthy thought habits, and more. For that side of it, to rectify our survival instincts, our constant focus is that our survival depends only on Hashem and ask Him to please help us unify what is covering over that faith back to Him, the Source, the One and Only Power

There is nothing more importanrt

It is every moment from now on that our relationship with our life and our world can have these two shifts.  Doing so will create a leaning from the material external magnetic natural world to the real, spiritual ground of the true reality that all there is in the world is Hashem.

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Please do it now.

These tools are a lifeline.  Please catch it.

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How to cry out to Hashem from the Derech of Rabbi Usher Freund

Translations from Derech of Reb Freund

The audios below translate the last page of each newsletter in the pdf above, the page with the article on the Derech of Reb Usher Freund.  Translator is Mrs. Gittie Illes