The Derech of Emunah -Rabbi Asher Freund readings UPDATED

Original Hebrew texts translated 530to549 501to529  #460 to 490

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From Reb asher Freund

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Translations from Derech of Rabbi Asher Freund 1
Translations from Derech of Rabbi Asher Freund 2
Dec 12 2018 Yaakov shows us that a tzaddik fears Hashem 
Personal Redemption to General Redemption
Vayechi – Yaakov’s Blessings – body and soul influences
Unity – go to ayin
Deep spiritual pain

The reason for suffering
Love Hashem
Purpose of challenges – eternal life
Hashem pays double to the ones who love Him
Rabbi Asher Freund at Rosh Hashana time on teshuva and the importance for all eternity of grabbing onto awareness of Hashem while alive
The power of nullifying
Comprehending that our pain contains something of Infinity that, when we recognize the pain of Hashem in being trapped there, we have the courage to bear the pain by willingness to experience it in order to exercise the will He gives us through our emunah to redeem the Shechina . And that infinite spark then heals and comforts us. Trust in this.
Pride and despair both block us from seeing Hashem is One
Desiring to be close to Hashem, but we have to be specific where we need His Help
Prayer brings in shefa, which is the main purpose, not affecting the circumstances which is up to Hashem alone
Do no damage to the world – love instead of seethe
Pain is Shechina in exile – our soul attracted to the root of chesed in the life force of the thought or emotion deceived by the messages of the yetzer hara. We attach to false messages and interpret towards arrogance or hopelessness. When we recognize the creator as the soul of the force, this releases and unifies His Name and we then may serve as a channel for shefa to come through the opening we intend to be.
Acceptance with love brings a flow of blessings
Our role in the flow of blessings into the world
Nullifying the self in order to pray that the Shechina in exile is revealed
Hashem sustains with compassion every living creature, even though we have a means of support.
Indepth on shame and suggestions on how to handle it
Some suggested remedies
A dialogue with Hashem may bring salvations for suffering
a letter to a father concerned over his son not yet having a shidduch
effort is what saves us from bread of shame
The list of questions
Parsha Shelach
Parsha Korach
Bring Geula through Chesed
Chesed brings us strength
Sack of potatoes
Relating with the pain of another
the nudnick
jewelry for a girl saved from the fires
Like a saving angel
softening the blow to a tragedy
space in the succah
the power of the example of kindness
In a challenge, uplift to fear of Hashem with emunah and be an example of kiddush Hashem
Care for the leper with mesiras nefesh
Denying himself to give more to others
Parshas Balak
Being mocked and shamed did not stop Rav Asher from promoting a cdertain unusual shidduch
maintain minhagim from your parent’s home
Rav Asher found each indivual’s path for learning
Rav Asher’s way of educating was ahead of the generation
Teach children with lots of reviewing and with Baal Shem Tov stories
Breaking our nature releases the sparks that He wants to come into the world
Repairing the sparks through taking responsibility for all edible food
If it is not suitable for food perhaps it is suitable for juice
Rav Asher’s response to a boy smoking on Yom Kippur – the source of the problem is in Rav Asher
Chukas – the death of Miriam a tzaddekes and the loss of the well is designed to bring us to recognize the well was a miracle and do teshuva
Chukas – what we can take out of the battle between Yisroel and Sichon
The derech developed in the underground when Rav Asher hid himself
The derech developed in the underground more
A sense of lacking something spiritually is already a sign of spiritual attainment
Be a loyal friend and then Hashem will guide you
Everyone loved to hear Rav Asher’s words of emunah and avoda
If it is not suitable for food perhaps it is suitable for juice
Maintaining a peaceful spirit in the Yeshiva
Rav Asher pushes away the sadness of a bocher with two hands through targeted and directed strong but healing words
Testing a bochur – he passed the test as a soldier for Hashem
the derech is nullification and emunah with the strength to serve and move forward
moving the derech from underground to publications
the derech but not by force
chizuk and steps for facing challenges
Nullify the self and pierce the curtain that separates us from Him
all of our actions only come from Him as a free gift of chesed
Bring down the veil of self-bias
even a simple person can cleave to Hashem in his thoughts
Every Jew has the right to know foundationally how to serve Hashem knowing he needs Hashem for everything
hisbodidus sets us free from what binds us
Infusing emunah into the world through encouraging hisbodidus so that a person can sense their true essence
People did seek out to learn from Rav Asher that we are nothing and to do hisbodidus
we can’t do anything by ourselves
Who Rav Asher sought out because they were serving Hashem lishma
Rav Asher Freund spiritual last will to the chevra
Our healthy pure longings are a glimpse of Hashem the same as what we see as true eye to ey
giving in for the sake of peace
Going to Meron every Shabbos Mevorshim
Looking for holy sparks not chickens themselves
Rav Asher even when not feeling well spoke to people he did not sleep
Serving Hashem under the stars in the heat of Meron
hisbodidus is a foundation
hisbodidus built into the day
hisbodidus a requirement to be in the chabura
Fear gives us an example of the awe we are to have in Him
do hisbodisu even if not feeling well
the fields they did hisbodidus now hold yeshivos and shuls
From my own flesh I see Hashem. This is from a chosod of Biyan. He was a refined oved and a servant of Hashem, an anava. He went to Rav Asher and listened to his speeches on avoda and on conduct. He was very interested and excited by these ideas and thought he would bring a relative along to hear these words. On that Shabbos when he brought the relative, Rav Asher spoke in a different way than usual. Rav Asher turned to the relative and asked if he believes in Hashem. The relative said of course. Rav Asher said, who told you about Hashem, your safta? How do you know there is Hashem in the world, because your grandmother told you and you believe your grandmother?
Emunah has to come from inside you, from your own flesh we see Hashem. How?
Very simple. a person has a lot of nisayonos to be tempted to do aveiras and from our own nature we desire to commit those bad acts. How do we succeed if we do succeed to hold ourselves back and not sin? Only through Hashem giving us the power to resist.
The fact that we do not do a cheit even though our nature is almost forcing us to, from that it is possible to know there is Hashem in the world.
The relative heard that and he ran out, he ran away.
We can see these exact words reflected in Bereshis. It is written in the pasuk 24:4 And I will have you swear by Hashem, of heaven and earth, that you not take a wife for my son from the daughters of the Caananine among who I dwell. that is Avraham speaking to eliezer before he goes out to find a wife for Yitzchok. Now in 24:7 Hashem of heaven who took me from the house of my father and from the land of my birth….and Rashi is speaking about and mentions that Avraham says Elokei hashemayim but he doesn’t say haaretz, of the earth? Why now at the time that Avraham is speaking, Hashem is already known on the earth because Avraham Aveinu with his practices of how he behaved with guests spread the knowledge of Hashem on the earth? He brought people to a circumstance where they too could recognize Hashem andf His Name became known and He could be called Hashem of the earth and not just of the heavens. They brought the knowledge of Hashem to the earth.
That is to say that if He is not recognized, He is not there, we cannot find Him. If I see Hashem from my flesh, then He is here, He is real, He can be found. but if I am only speaking about Him from what others tell me and I am not working on myself through real emunah that I have in my own reality and through my own reality, then Hashem remains Hashem of the Heavens and not Hashem of the earth.
the emunah and bitachon in our nefesh elokis are a gift from Hashem to bring healing and salvation
pinchas – Moshe made Yehoshua into a full vessel of leadership with the koach from his own will that his son be the leade
we take the first step the female of Hashem the Shechina in exile argues with us until we bring it to mitzvahs and feel whole. Hear the whole shiur here
Dovid Hamelech did battle with thoughts to come to simple emunah like a baby in Hashem’s arms
facing our distress means w are trying to overcome our pride in order to begin becoming whole
helping peopl take their first step through hisbodidus Rav Asher would walk with them
it is either kedusha or tuma there is no mix
Rav Asher merited to do kiddush Hashem in his lifetime
recognizing our defect brings a person to shelamos
tikun of a fetus
Don’t take for yourself the greatness of Hashem
My soul went out as he spoke
Rav Asher spoke to the soul even if the listener did not understand Yiddish
What is Moshiach – the thoughts that now generate sadness will stand at a distance to our mind
a very deep sigh
doing mitzvahs for the departed soul heals our sadness
Doing our best for the soul of the departed – crying does it no kindness
If we cry for ourselves rather than for the niftar we may be accidentally holding its soul down
Rav Asher comforts an 80 year old woman on the loss of her 100 year old mother
The way Rav Asher helped one woman stop crying after so many years
Rav Asher on simple emunah and nothingness being return to Adom before the chait
spiritual bolt of emunah helps to uplift the challenge to Hashem
See emunah with your own eyes that Hashem runs the world
bigh price someone paid for the derech of emunah
confessing brings us to holiness and the experience of His Presence
A sick child receives the exact amount needed for treatment through emunah
emunah and ratzon can change things in nature a story about checking eggs
emunah when in labor
how the zechus of emunah saved a man from a conman
Putting our trust in Hashem means not thinking our salvation comes from the doctor
Reb Asher refuses a donation of meiser of 80000 to avoid giving the man the impression that his success was anything but his own true emunah
Reb Asher’s idea for embueing emunah in children through education at a young age so they would come to feel Hashem
The mercy of Hashem brings in light that the way of nature may block out
when you go in the derech of emunah there is nothing to fear or worry about and we see Hashem eye to eye
Reb Asher – We must do our part for unity and bring merit for all He is the Source of LIfe
Simple faith brings redemption – unify by nulllifying and the sparks from within bitterness elevate
emunah is the primary help for which there is no alternative
do not worry pray to Hashem instead
the purpose of challenge
Even at a wedding Rav Asher would not accept any honors
How Rav Asher handled kiddush after long davening
Hug and cling to Him
Lengthening shabbos zemiros at shalos seudas as compassion upon those in gehinnom
on a bus only those who were supposed to hear did
Rav Asher at Pesach
Rav Asher’s heavenly behavior was above nature
Rav Asher’s words are only heard by those who need to hear them
Rav Asher eitza saved him from unneeded surgery
Rav Asher listened with patience so people could poured out their hearts
Taking others feelings into consideration
Carrying the pain of others – Rav Asher would share it
cleaving to Hashem helped Rav Asher give eitza that came from the upper channels
go to meron
Rav Asher describes the darkness that has to be dealt with when dealing with the nefesh
when we accept what Hashem sends with love we learn Hashems ways and are strengthened in emunah and healing
He who distinguishes between Israel and the nation
putting out the fire from afar
you stood right here and spoke about me
your parents are in uman
a stab in the heart
even the doctors understood
it is possible to be complete if and when we go with Hashem
Davening for a spouse and both partners nullifying in order to raise a family
Oct 23 2019 – Nourishment for the Neshama

      1. Wellsprings of Torah would flow
      2. The Shechina spoke from Rav Asher's throat
      3. Rav Asher could predict politics allthough he did not follow politics
      4. One person will hear what I have to say
      5. No tumor
      6. I am just a rusty pipe
      7. He was an ehrlicha yid
      8. daven for daas after neutralizing your thoughts

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Hashem helps us when we humble ourselves -kallah chair story
click here for a playlist of three stories
Boy who fell to his death regains life
chaveirim would have given Reb Asher the merits to help an ill 5 year old but because they were not with Reb Asher his tefillos for the girl could not be answered
coffee as a remedy for high blood pressure
giving avoda to Hashem is needed to go above nature
Rav Asher explains why his tefillos were not going to help someone and what might have helped
Reb Asher davens and Hashem heals a ruptured disc
Reb Asher tefillos answered for a boy with metastisized yona machla
Reb Asher tefillos during shabbos and the recovery of a woman with severe sepsis
sometimes part of our healing is to realize we must gather our strength and make an effort
The pipe doesnt get headaches Hashem is doing everything
What it takes to request longer life for a sick person from the Giver of life
Woman whose medical tests came out clean after Reb Asher told her to retake tests that showed great illness
Pray for a shidduch it is a timing matter
Reb Asher through davening draws refuah for a boy with a concussion who would otherwise have needed medical intervention
The Wonder Drug - the Tzaddik
A woman's emunah peshuta made her a kli to receive the yeshuos to save her pregnancy

Parsha Vayigash

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