The Derech of Emunah -Rabbi Asher Freund readings UPDATED

Original Hebrew texts translated above


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#460 to 490

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Dec 12 2018 Yaakov shows us that a tzaddik fears Hashem 
Personal Redemption to General Redemption
Vayechi – Yaakov’s Blessings – body and soul influences
Unity – go to ayin
Deep spiritual pain

The reason for suffering
Love Hashem
Purpose of challenges – eternal life
Hashem pays double to the ones who love Him
Rabbi Asher Freund at Rosh Hashana time on teshuva and the importance for all eternity of grabbing onto awareness of Hashem while alive
The power of nullifying
Comprehending that our pain contains something of Infinity that, when we recognize the pain of Hashem in being trapped there, we have the courage to bear the pain by willingness to experience it in order to exercise the will He gives us through our emunah to redeem the Shechina . And that infinite spark then heals and comforts us. Trust in this.
Pride and despair both block us from seeing Hashem is One
Desiring to be close to Hashem, but we have to be specific where we need His Help
Prayer brings in shefa, which is the main purpose, not affecting the circumstances which is up to Hashem alone
Do no damage to the world – love instead of seethe
Pain is Shechina in exile – our soul attracted to the root of chesed in the life force of the thought or emotion deceived by the messages of the yetzer hara. We attach to false messages and interpret towards arrogance or hopelessness. When we recognize the creator as the soul of the force, this releases and unifies His Name and we then may serve as a channel for shefa to come through the opening we intend to be.
Acceptance with love brings a flow of blessings
Our role in the flow of blessings into the world
Nullifying the self in order to pray that the Shechina in exile is revealed
Hashem sustains with compassion every living creature, even though we have a means of support.

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