Step by step prayer when experiencing negative reaction asking to serve Hashem instead of self

Negative reaction!  When people think like this it shuts You out Hashem


Please I only wish to be connected to Your Love and be in Your service


Help me break the downward natural pulls I am experiencing


The natural experience is full of draws to imagination that take me away from remembering that all there is in the world is You


This is the place from which You wish for me to serve You, to call out to You, to acknowledge with the wisdom from Your Torah and Will that I remember in this challenge to call out to You in relationship


I have enough experiential  sense of the pleasure of being connected to You and enough experiential fear of being disconnected from You to know Your Oneness is the reality and not where imagination is being drawn to, to subjective goals that focus on reaching goals with steps that rely on the laws of nature, despite the powerful winds of emotion being experienced.  With that emunah I beg You to please redeem me from the pulls on my imagination.


Hopefully having cleared the way through this sincere supplication requesting with love in my heart for the reflection of Your sefiros to direct my speech and deeds, please connect imagination to Your Torah and compassion and give me the zechus of drawing into this dark place the light from a higher world, for this is the reason that You Hashem create us, to serve You by bringing Your compassion into the world by conquering our personal darkness.  May my plea uproot the will of imagination to cling anywhere else and heal the unrectified characteristics that are either natural or learned coping mechanisms, that are habits formed from past failures and aveiras.


I wish  for all the effort with which I make this offering in prayer to You to connect all survival instincts back to the reality of Your Oneness and all pursuits of happiness and pleasure to serving You in prayer and submission to Your Will so that Your compassion Hashem can be revealed in this world. p

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