Summary of terms we use in our daily work group

Living in the present – every moment is either an opportunity to serve Hashem through a positive commandment or through stopping ourselves from doing something we are commanded to not do


Our positive life mission is the positive expression of our life force, bringing through our thought speech and deeds a reflection of Torah or Hashem’s mercy (the use of free willed choice to do our positive life purpose is the root process of bringing into the world our good inclination using free will to choose to use imagination that clings to Hashem is One)  (yeud)


Our work to repair and refine our unrectified characteristics is a process of fertilizing with love and awe of Hashem’s Oneness anywhere we experience our life force trapped in a downward pull ( our effort to repair, using real free will, the unrectified nature-bound characteristics that are part of being alive is a process of filtering out everything that draws the naturally judgmental and correcting inclination with imagination  to do anything other than Torah or acts of mercy, and then absorbing the inclination into imagination that clings instead to serve Hashem in a unified way, with both inclinations) (tikun)


A downward pull is compelling evidence based on subjective experience that triggers our survival instincts and corresponding rationalized solutions that may inflict unintended damages that we rationalize based on the apparent threat to our survival or happiness  (negative charge)



Survival instincts are our will to live and reaction to threats and are intended to keep us alive (corrupted – with subjectivity – primal will)


Uncorrupted survival instincts are survival instincts that are based on emunah and bitachon, ein od milvado consciousness (Uncorrupted Primal will)


Hashem wants to have a relationship with us – in every moment we turn to Him (avodas Hashem – prayerful relationship):


Please take me out of this constricted experience!


Please save me from what corrupts my primal will, the coping mechanisms, post traumatic stress disorder, judgments, anxieties, and all fallen fears that have drawn my survival instincts to think they can somehow keep me alive and safe


Please redeem me from my past failures and the damages that I have caused and accept my confession and teshuva and turn them into merits for having taught me


Please connect all my survival instincts to the truth of Your Oneness, unifying my soul so that I may experience life as a vessel connected to You in  order that I may reflect Torah and Your Mercy into this world and do my unique mission, my yeud, with uncorrupted primal will

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