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The Value of Inner Climate Control

Once the inner dialogue and experience of emotions is sorted out, with emunah and Torah understanding of how Hashem wishes for us to conduct ourselves helps us to choose to remain connected to Hashem’s Will trusting that as long as we do we are doing the very most we can do for the situation, there being no better thing to do even though it might appear as though a certain action could potentially have a more direct affect. The reason is that all success is up to Hashem and even though He often gives success to things that fall far below what is His Will, it is always somehow for our ultimate training and development and eternal good.  With that emunah, we never have to consciously choose to do anything out of survival instincts that is not His Will for us to do.  This helps us hold our tongue and actions in the moment and cry out to Hashem to please save us from our instincts.  He listens and helps.



Inner Climate Control tools

Inner climate control


Tools for weather management:

Emes, Truth

The Torah is the thoughts of Hashem. It is absolute truth and helps us to use our lifetime to build eternal identity, using free will and emunah to bring out truth, His Compassion

Emunah, faith

Every day read that all there is in the world is the oneness of Hashem and try being loyal to it in every moment, serving Hashem from that yearning with all our imagination towards it.

Perek Shira , Song of the universe

Everything even inanimate objects have souls singing praises to Hashem

Tomer Devorah Palm Tree of Devorah True identity is that we are made in His Image

We are made in Hashem’s image, which is to tolerate insults overlook faults bear the burden of confusion of mind, forgive and to do significant teshuva in order to be part of casting all sins of believing and acting on the distortions of subjectivity into the sea


To understand that there is no gap between Hashem and His creations and that we are indeed made in the image of His Compassion and can reflect that into the world so it is safe to use vigor to pull back our instincts trusting that in returning all our energy to its Source, the speech and deeds that follow this mind’s eye on Hashem will bring into the world something which makes it possible for Hashem literally to be in this world…the compassion in our souls that is made in Hashem’s Image is connected with no gap and therefore He literally has a way to be in this world through us when we pull back with bitachon and gevurah and glue imagination to Torah, avoda and emulating Him


Chesed, love

When we give or receive or wish to receive love, step one is to realize that the characteristic of love is Hashem’s and unless we love Hashem while loving or receiving or desiring to receive love we are in the dark and not really involved with love in the ideal way. The feeling of lack associated with the yearning for love dissipates as soon as we unify with the characteristic of love through loving Hashem Who gives us this virtue.

Gevurah, strength, vigor

We have to see the belief that is competing for our imagination, keeping our imagination from clinging to loving Hashem in favor of reliving a coping mechanism or false belief from learned behavior. This belief is generating a feeling of lack that pulls us out of the reality of Hashem is One. By realizing the task is to pull our imagination off the belief and attaching it to Hashem again, we are able to use free will to pull back the curtains blocking compassion from being revealed

Compassion, truth, beauty, balance

The humility of holding everything back and being able to shine compassion from being made in Hashem’s Image makes our eternal identity out of the materials of life.

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