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A description of the derech of Rabbi Usher Freund o.b.m

The derech of Rav Usher Freund is basically emunah peshuta, all m’yuchus to Dovid HaMelech.  The derech means living in Hashem, living in a emunah, not because we understand emunah, and not because we choose to do so. Rather, because the more we live in true humility, the more we understand who we really are, b’emes, our vulnerability, our weaknesses, our midos ra’os, our frailty, our true m’tzius, the more we come to see our y’sod of helplessness, and are thus forced to cry out, to be dovek to Hashem.  It’s not something we choose; rather, the derech IS life itself. Everything is part of and consumed by the derech.  Some view the derech as a framework, meaning the way to get to and become part of the reality that only Hashem exists. Then, rather than trying to understanding things, or trying to put the puzzle together to figure out the picture, we already have the full picture in mind, and now we are just adding more pieces to make the picture more robust, more real.


Rav Usher used to say, over and over, three things:  It’s a hard derech. It’s a beautiful derech. And you must have chaverim (meaning, we cannot do the derech alone). The reason we cannot do the derech alone is because, always, the yetser harah steers us off course, and we need chaverim to force us back in the right direction.


The key is to be extremely stubborn to stick with the derech, not seeking results, and not because we want it, but rather, because it is the way to be m’galeh Hashem’s ohr into the bri’ah, and that is the entre tachlis for which Hashem created us.

Reading from You are Not Your Brain and from Getting to Know Your Soul 31 and Secret of Simcha 27


When a small child does not know what to do, the child runs to cling to Mommy’s skirt to see what Mommy does in response, to learn what Mommy does in such a situation

We are all that little child and we need to cling to Hashem Who is at all times merciful , tolerating insults, overlooking faults, bearing the burden of confusion of mind, forgiving and casting sins into the sea. When we emulate Him, it has an impact. He is the real Existence. He is the Omnipotent one, the soul of everything in the world, the Artist and Engineer. Let us use our free will to reflect Him in our daily lives, see our negativity for the echo of something false, and laugh it off in favor of doing an act of compassion or a mitzvah