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Election results for President of my world 5776


Election results for President of My World 5776


I am happy to declare victory in the election of who will run my world for 5776

The platform of being compassionate bringing out the 13 attributes of mercy of Hashem has been elected by the competing contenders


The precincts are in!

Serve Hashem with joy out of love has the majority vote over serving Hashem for favor out of personal bias to receive


The urge to have comfort of the absence of pain has submitted that the agenda of comfort prevents the effort which is sometimes painful -the activating of ahavas Hashem while yearning for connection to Hashem – and that indeed activating ahavas Hashem imprints something on the heart that gives meaning and value to life beyond the absence of pain.


The ego and sense of directing power towards goals concedes its biased contending agendas and chooses to submit in every moment for examination every message of identity, conceding that it is better to choose to animate the part of us that is a being of light made in His Image, here to rectify middos and remove impurities concealing Hashem’s light in the elements of water fire wind and earth within us that then come into this world through speech and deed.