Monthly Archives: September 2015

Almost time for Kol Nidre – if you have time say viduy now

The joyous hour of our spiritual cleansing is near – may we all in advance of  kol nidre say the viduy confession sincerely and give tzedaka and acknowledge to Hashem that although we have erred we really want to do His Will in the moment, to reflect Him into this world over our natural reactive selves.  Even if this seems far away, acknowledging that we love and apprehend Hashem as the only Power, His Omniscience and Kingship is a good way to start this joyous spiritual bath.  Hashem’s desire to forgive us increases as the Yom Tov continues, until the closing, so let’s jump start it and see if we can really unify and sanctify His Name to the spiritual heights and potential!