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The midda of yielding to others, overlooking even when right

The topic of the CCHF Tisha Bav programming is the midda of yielding.  Below is a recording of the speakers on Programs A and B  and below that is Rabbi David Ashear whose kinnos on also centered around the importance of this midda

Program A

Program B


Rabbi David Ashear – Kinnos 5775

Rabbi David Ashear Kinnos given 10 Av 5775

Dedicated for a Refah shelama for Rivka Bracha bat Sarah

This is a small clip of the wonderful kinnos given by many Rebbeim and available online at

This segment by Rabbi Ashear brings out many of the points of the work group and therefore I post it here with recommendations for listening to all of the kinnos, with gratitude for having been able to watch these live.