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29 Sivan to 9 Av – 40 days begins tonight – understand our function to unify through compassion

Tonight, 29 Sivan, is the day that the spies left on their 40 day journey to return with the evil report on Tisha Bav.  The next 40 days present the same challenge to us, to do battle with the unconscious mind that looks at everything without realizing we are trying to see how to put something on our own plate.
our happiness comes from torah avoda and emulating Hashem.  Bitterness comes from distance from Hashem.  The more we can shake out of our unconscious bits of awareness that our true happiness is when we are involved in torah avoda and emulating him, the better the elul and tishrei and next year we will have, growing.  There are 72 days from July 5 the 17th of tammuz to Rosh Hashana,  three weeks and 7 weeks of shabbos nachamus.
the work we do starting now to prepare ourselves and then during the three weeks apply our conscious effort to reassociating happiness with torah avoda and emulating Hashem, builds us, it helps us harvest our previous year and transition into the next year, may we be zocheh to geula very very soon