Tiferes shebe malchus – compassion for the Shechina – relate constantly with Hashem

No matter how hard we try, all we can do is relate within our own mind to our perceptions based on experience.  While we have awareness, there is no way for us to know what is really going on!  Hashem wants at every moment for us to choose relationship with Him to fertilize our thoughts speech and deeds. In this way, we are empowered to create our eternal identity and experience- existence with Hashem and its inherent pleasure – rather than experience existence with Hashem and feel shame.  We have to come to terms with the reality that our unconscious and subconscious minds are the taivas, desires, and gaivas, sense of self and autonomy, through which Hashem gives us the miracle of free will so that we may choose to relate to Hashem over their impulses, however natural and strong they may be.


When we have strong emunah to know that all there is in the world is the existence of Hashem, and although we know we exist and we can connect to Him, we are not Hashem but rather in a process of extricating and unifying His Existence into One through our choices. We are empowered to tackle and challenge the illusions that attract us to thoughts speech and deeds based on a deception of thinking there is existence other than Hashem.  This is where we are all turkeys, in that we are projecting our early childhood impressions over and over again.  Each year in our elul plan, we attempt to extricate something from our unconscious or subconscious that we identify as a pattern and bring it to freedom, bring it to cling to Hashem with devekus and fertilize our thoughts speech and deeds with His Torah, avoda and His Middos harachamim, freeing the shechina that had been trapped so that it is unified for revealed healing and blessing.


Relying on Torah, we know that the real happiness of the soul is experienced when it is existing in devekus with Hashem’s Will.  We have to work on extricating our essence from the false belief that we have autonomous existence.  We are empowered to create eternal identity by instead recognizing Hashem’s existence as One and emulating Him and relating with Him in Torah and mitzvahs


The deceptions come through the elements of which the world is made, water fire wind and earth.  Mankind is made from the dust and was made last so as to be able to have influence over all of nature.   The essential desire we have to feel happiness, which is the experience of clinging to Hashem, became damaged when we ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and we were expelled from the garden, because of seeking happiness from anything other than Hashem’s will  The resulting feelings of abandonment – galus from the pleasure of oneness with Hashem’s will – cause us more and more to desire things other than what Hashem desires because our makeup gives us a “kickback” of pleasure, trapping our soul in an external desire whereas in Gan Eden our soul could experience real happiness simply by its ability to remain connected to Hashem.


In our childhood years, we may have desired things and received a stifling rather than a loving educator type explanation. We formed false impressions that further trap our existence in false sources of happiness.  Likewise, we may have had a strong passion for something and been shamed and blamed, having water thrown on our fire. We form false impressions about existence as something autonomous, pushing back and possibly rebelling against the ones who appear to be restricting or threatening our survival or sense of self from being expressed


These impressions in our mind, result in our relating to them throughout our lives when we are faced with desires and passions, the taivas and gaias, and   we relive them until we realize our true mission, which is to have compassion on the shechina that is willing to be trapped there just for the purpose of our being given the opportunity to constantly relate to Hashem and bring the “yeast in the dough”, the existence of what is grabbing our imagination – to blend out of love and awe of Hashem with truth, that He is all that exists. By clinging to Hashem in relationship without letting go out of awe of Hashem for how we exist in time and space, we experience in our lifetime as well as create eternal bliss for ourselves by saying Hashem echad   We rectify the elements of water/desire and fire/arrogance to reflect Hashem’s existence as the sole existence through thoughts speech and deeds in relationship with the absolute truth. By choosing to relate to Hashem in this way, we heal our unrectified characteristics by overcoming false appearances of abandonment and annihilation no matter how compelling and repair the damage of having ingested the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and our imagination fertilizes our thoughts speech and deeds so that we may serve as His chariot. May our suffering be relieved as we more and more make the choice to see Hashem as the only existence and join with Him despite the amazing illusions.


Important concepts to guard our soul from negative influences – awe of Hashem

Building emunah and menuchas hanefesg and gluing our imagination to torah and avoda and gemillas chesed firmly as the source of all happiness give us the ability to guard our souls from the neurocirctutry that otherwise naturally will flood us with images that overwhelm us to take action based on the tauntings of the unconscious and subconscious that are run by nature and deliver us into the hands of our reactive self, the lower part of our lower soul, the yetzer hara.  It is our goal to build connection with love and awe of Hashem so deeply as to not let go for any reason, and having that emunah and understanding of the simple unity of Hashem is a guard for keeping our imagination from bringing false intense visualizations to us.



This is why we strive to develop through imagery and consciousness experience of clarity and calmness in Hashem’s Oneness and strive to rescue from the kelipas happiness trapped in externalities and awaken happiness as being based solely on torah avoda and gemillas chesed, so that we have experiential insight to counter the initial messages of the unconscious and subconscious desires and sense of autonomous independent existence that otherwise would grab our imagination almost instantaneously and create false images that we believe as real, causing us toexperiencing our bodily reactions to something external as the source of survival or happiness, and falling into believing the video game of life rather than avodas Hashem as our task in the moment.


We can instead shine light on the initial messages recognizing them as kelipas and divert all our energy through visualization back to seeking happiness through gluing ourselves to torah avoda and gemilas chesed. doing so helps us to unify Hashem’s Name and weave together our life force and the shechina trapped in our nature into an eternal garment of identity based on avodas Hashem.  and it creates spiritual nourishment, making kiddush Hashem

Never fear Hashem is near – ani tefilla and …Hashem is here

Short version (suitable for kids too…kids of all ages including grownups)

Never fear

Hashem is near


I glue myself to YOU Alone!

I love You

Shine light THERE


OH!!! Hashem is HERE!!!!




Long version


Never fear…Hashem is NEAR


Darkness and fear?

Glue imagination to Hashem’s rachamim alone.

Arouse our hearts and with sincere and total faith cry out -I love you Hashem


I feel breathless to break through the curtains of darkness but I know there is nothing but Hashem! All we really want is the revelation of You in this world!


I pray my faithfulness to You and these words Hashem Echad will sincerely show You my effort to have compassion on the light that is trapped in this mess and ask that Your compassion be released from the matter and instead that it shine light and healing and blessings into THIS!


Ohhh!!! Thank You for the calming inner warmth

Hashem IS HERE…and He is all good and HELPS