Autonomy versus Uniqueness

Existence gives us a taste of awareness, enough so that we are beings that know we exist, in order that we may apprehend true existence, Hashem and relate with Him to bring into this world the light of Torah and demonstrate His Attributes of Mercy.



True Existence gives consciousness and a mortal life in order to give awareness to a being to apprehend the true existence and extract through the free will choice with which we are empowered trapped Shechina from the darkness that covers true existence and bring it to revealed light through infusing the light of a pasuk of Torah of a mitzvah or of His Attributes of Mercy into our thoughts speech and deeds, for then the true light can dispel the dark covering.


Doing so fulfills the design of creation and brings merits to klal yisrael for infusing nature with Torah, creating transparency within the otherwise opaque mask of nature that covers the spiritual truth of His Existence in the world so that Hashem, through the light of Torah infused by human introduction in thought speech and deed, is able to be revealed in this world without obliterating the world.


Doing so also fulfills our potential – rectifying our own nature in the process of enabling us to to receive the greatest pleasure possible – for when our soul reconnects to existence after 120 years, having served without faltering in knowing true existence, once reunited, that reunion will itself be intrinsically rewarding.



Autonomy versus Uniqueness


Autonomy is the flag of the evil, the ra, of our natural animalistic inclination


Uniquenss is the expression in thought word and deed of True Existence (Torah Avoda Gemilas Chesed) that we are empowered to deliver into the world as Nishmas Am Yisrael, thereby completing the circuitry as the vessel through which light healing and blessing can flow into the world


The effort to do so with intention to serve Hashem is a force that draws the vitality from autonomy otherwise headed for nurturing the forces of evil, in the lower three kelipas, to flow into the healing and blessings that Hashem wants to bring.


He gives us life and awarenss and real free will to do this for the intrinsic reward of apprehending true existence here and for all eternity.

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