Got a really hole in the stomach part to heal?

1. see it as confusion as nature covering the  part made in Hashem’s image – then what is the root of the negativity? abandonment ( the exile from the garden of eden) or the yeast in the dough (our natural tendency to have our intellect hijacked by physical stimuli which then throws us into survival mode, or a mixture of both
2. feel empowered then to shine into it Shema Yisrael Hashem Elokeinu Hashem Echad to show Hashem that we receive the gift of the opportumity of this life challenge, knowing our real function – to be like the roots of a plant that brings the nutrients upwards and skywards – redirecting the essence of existence back into the flow of revealed existance  for spiritual nourishment,” harvesting” the shechinato bring it to holiness, acquiring for ourselves new merits thereby doing something that only a person alive can do – bring existence fromcovered by tuma to revealed good and holiness, kedusha
3. stop beating myself up for the reality that this is once again on my plate, to deal with these taivas and gaivas and instead realize this is my functioning the way Hashem designed that should be our way to contribute to healing the eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil
4. stop using imagination for subjective views of happiness based on receiving love from others…there is no way at all to know what anyone else is thinking or feeling
5. cling imagination only to real existence, go to prayer to feel loved and soothed and calmed
6.  trust that the process itself that we choose IS curative and healing no matter what happens

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