Guarding our souls from negative thoughts and reactions…what if?

When we understand that everything is from Hashem and He is the only Being that is essential to existence, how can we “field” the judgments, criticisms, corrections and condemnations that may be thrust upon us, either from outside or from our own negativity?

Understanding that our awareness that we exist is only because of Hashem’s existence, for He is Existence Who breathes compassionately into us our soul, and that breath of compassion becomes our consciousness and develops our intellect so that can have awareness of Him is step 1.


Step 2 is to cling to His Compassion with awe for step 1 and to arouse love in our hearts for Him for the opportunity of life to say Shema Yisrael Hashem Elokeinu Hashem Echad, thereby bringing the wisdom from Hashem’s chochma to fertilize our hearts, to receive His Chochma in our natural state so that we are improved from our natural reactions and His Chochma fertilizes our thoughts speech and deeds instead of our reactions.


Step 3 is to deflect the source of our negativity, either from a person or from our external but inwardly experienced negativity.


Try this:

“Your message has not been received.  We have a sensory detection system that screens incoming messages and natural reactions for the words and tone to determine if there might be onas devarim, hurtful speech involved.  It seems that your message has been rejected by our system.  If you believe that your message has been returned in error, please submit it when we reopen to hearing it, in 24 hours.  We are sorry if we have made an error in the treatment of your message; however, we are striving for all of us to live up to the existence that Hashem desires for us to choose in order that His Existence can be known throughout the world.  Repeat attempts to send your message as is will result in us asking to speak to your Supervisor, the One Who truly exists, to please help so that the message can be given in a manner more congruent with the sensory detection system!”



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