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Seder night: The Pathway to Personal Redemption from the Clarity Seminar Tzipora Harris

Seder night: The Pathway to Personal Redemption
Dedicated for the speedy recovery of Menachem ben Pesya (my father) and on the occasion of the yartzeit of my beloved grandmother, Mindel Leah bas Avraham Shlomo.

No matter what your challenge, or the struggle of someone around you, on the nights of Passover a door can open in your life leading to a totally new future (even if it’s been 210 years of constriction of mind and body). How?

Think about one thing that you yearn for more than anything. Would G-d want this for you as well? You can have this prayer in mind during any blessing said at the seder from kadesh until the last cup of wine. Try to verbally express this sincere yearning to G-d at some point before the last cup. In addition, the following intentions can bring you closer to your personal redemption and the Jewish people to our ultimate redemption.

1) Matza-
Matza is just flour and water. Nothing else mixed in. It represents your soul which only wants to do the right thing and live out G-d’s incredible plan for your life. When you eat the matza, you can have this in mind:

“More than anything, I yearn to live as a soul, I want to do what’s right, I want to make the greatest contribution I possibly can, live the vision You have for me, G-d! and I know I don’t need to know how- You have infinite ways to get me there! I’m just YEARNING TO BE SOUL DRIVEN in my life from this point on!”

2) Maror- (bitter herbs)-
Maror is a reminder that even though it’s easy to get pulled by your lower drives, like beating yourself up, losing your temper, letting feelings of anxiety or despair about your circumstances overtake you; or that ice cream at 12am, you end up feeling horrible afterwards. Letting yourself be driven by lower forces is bitter. When you eat the maror, you can have this in mind:

“I recognize that in some ways I let my lower self run my life in the past and I see that living as a lower self is BITTER. I don’t want it. Please help me rise above it, again and again. I don’t know exactly how- I trust You will guide me.”

3) Korech- (sandwich)-
The Matza-Maror-Matza sandwich focuses you on the goal of channeling your lower drives (maror) to help fulfill G-d’s amazing vision for your soul (matza). One way to do this is by making a small spiritual choice everyday. For example, writing 1 thing you are grateful for every day or expressing one daily warm communication to a parent, spouse, child, or friend.

“I want to see my lower self for what it really is- the perfect training and development program wired into my life by the Ultimate Coach. Help me remember that struggling with my lower voices is the pathway for my greatness. Help me see the blessing in my struggles. Help me turn every fall as the stepping stone to elevation. I don’t know how, I just know You, G-d, can help me.”

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