Freeing energy trapped in natural emotions – turn to sincere love and awe of Hashem

The pasuk in Tehillim says Hashem redeems the souls of His

servants. This verse seemingly presents a

contradiction. Hashem seemingly has redeemed them, but they are still called servants. Doesn’t being redeemed mean that I ‘m no longer a servant?


The answer is obvious. Chazal say that he who

accepts upon himself the yolk of Torah and Avoda

becomes exempt from the yolk of the world’s way, exile and the

entrapping feelings of physicality. There is no escape.


The nature of human existence necessitates that there be the

acceptance of a yolk. Everyone will be a slave to something

However we have the choice to decide where our servitude will lay.


If we indenture ourselves to Hashem we are in turn freed from all other forms of servitude. This concept permeates repeatedly throughout Chazal.



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