When uncertain do we take the bait or exercise emunah – converting the Amalek within

Rabbi Mordechai Kraft  on Prophecy and Amalek

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Rabbi Moshe Wolfson in his shiur Song of Life said that the original nachash suggested to Chava that Hashem had a reason that was NOT good for Chava in telling them to not eat from the tree of life, and that reason was that Hashem didn’t want man to be a creator like Hashem.  His basic emotional argument was Hashem says this but it isnt true, I say this and I will show you, try it.  That imagination which created a real sounding alternative is with us today in full force yet we are empowered to eliminate the confusion it presents and in declaring Hashem echad create positive influence through which Hashem’s light can be seen in this world:

Here is a chart to help us see where we can choose to eliminate the influence of Amalek in our lives and instead sing shira to Hashem, knowing that Hashem is with us at all times and that although we have real lives we don’t have autonomous independent existence and that our choices are to build an eternal identity based on using free will to reflect Hashem into the world.


uncertainty to shira

Chapters 31, 32 and 33 from Tanya that explain and support all of the above:

tanya 31 32 33 tanya 31 32 33_Page_1 tanya 31 32 33_Page_2 tanya 31 32 33_Page_3 tanya 31 32 33_Page_4 tanya 31 32 33_Page_5 tanya 31 32 33_Page_6 tanya 31 32 33_Page_7 tanya 31 32 33_Page_8



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