Rabbi Moshe Wolfson – Parshas Beshalach A Song of Life – Emunah and Bitachon

The Song of a Lifetime

A person’s lifespan can be compared to a song. While he is living, it is hard to see the harmony between one day and the next, the synchronization of aggravations, successes, business life, home life, recreational life, social life and inner life; childhood, youth, middle-age and twilight. Yet, each aspect serves as an instrument composing its own sound to contribute to the chorus; each stage is another chapter in the symphony.
Some songs are short with a quick tempo, others are long and gentle. Some songs take sharp twists and turns, others plod evenly along. Sometimes there is a terrible off note; the conductor of the song of life makes a dreadful mistake. If he is wise, he will correct this off-note by changing course and embarking upon a new direction, giving the song a whole new dimension and meaning.
There is another part of the symphony, terribly off-putting, but crucial to the success of the song as a whole: quiet empty stretches. There is no music. There seems to be no meaning in life. Everything is blah, pointless, senseless. Sometimes there is a terrible shatter of cymbals, or a merciless banging of the beats. Why is Hashem destroying the music?
My child, the music is not being destroyed. To the contrary, it is being enhanced. The spaces give pause and dimension; the clashes give drama, the beats movement. It’s ALL part of the song of life.

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