Faith in Hashem – a prerequisite to making real change in our character

This past weekend was Parshas Bo when we left mitzrayim.

In order to leave mitzrayim, on an individual basis as well as a national level, faith in Hashem and a desire to be like Him are necessary.

We have been working on gluing our imagination to Hashem’s 13 Attributes of Mercy, on building understanding of free will, on understanding the powerful impact that saying Hashem Echad has in bringing light into the world and on aligning ourselves with the Torah, avoda (fervent prayer), and Gemilas Chesed (Hashem’s 13 Attributes of mercy).  All of this work may still leave blind spots between our faith and our perceived needs.  that grey area is hidden from us until we have enough faith in Hashem that seeing it will not totally disempower us.

The channel that perceptions go through without faith involved is that they present uncertainties.  This is why insurance was developed and the stock market can be so volatile.  The anticipation of lack then generates will to try to prevent that from ever happening.  This is easy to understand.

When in our subjective realities we include Hashem in the picture, we guard our souls from the dangers of taking damaging actions, actions that hurt others intentionally or unintentionally under the rationalizations of survival mechanism.

We only survive based on Hashem’s will. We are not bringing our successes. Thinking so is insulating us from being able to experience the pleasure for which Hashem has created us, the pleasure of infusing menuchas hanefesh into the natural resources of our makeup and uttering Hashem Echad, blowing the heat of our breath into the the dust of the elements exhaled from our bodies that is a positive influence out of which Hashem then constructs a divine space in this world where He can be seen, may we see His light revealed in the world today.

And when we have the faith to withstand seeing all of how we have errored, then Hashem will give us behira in the place we need it in order to glue our will to patience and emulating Him over the natural urges that want to drain our life force to nurture the lower worlds.  If we want this choice, we need to build faith and menuchas hanefesh, for otherwise we will only drown in the awareness with no rope to pull us up and out.

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