Menuchas HaNefesh empowers us to reach real joy and draw healing and bracha into the world

after the recording we were thinking of a “cute” way of referring to what we are doing

just like there is now genetically modified food, we were thinking of

menuchas hanefeshly modified reactions….

what do you think?

we can take the straw in our lives and make spiritual milk when we add the ingredient of menuchas hanefesh and lovingly submit to Hodu LaShem Ki Tov , then go through separating whatever we need to in order to draw only healing and bracha into the world with our raw responses now “cooked” with menuchas hanefesh…

we inject the raw material with emunah and bitachon needed to strengthen nature and expand the elements to form that isometric cube that the magen dovid sits in, from our tefilla, ani tefilla, that is the center, the speech with which we acknowledge the lacks we perceive and bend them into healing and brachas through our menuchas hanefesh.

menuchas hanefeshly modified world!!!  When we are not confused that all there is in the world is Hashem the only Glory, then we merit to eat from the tree of life, may it be today.




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